Being pregnant comes with its fair share of ups and downs as well as what is called "porridge brain". This term is used when the mom to be becomes, shall we say, forgetful and clumsy. So, how do you make sure you have everything you need when the baby comes? Well, the best way to avoid any last minute dilemmas is to make a list with everything you need and pack your hospital bags well in advance. You should have your bag fully stocked with, PJ's, nursing bras, sanitary towels (lots of them!), underwear, slippers, bathing products and your cosmetics. You will also need the baby bag for your little angel. Most of these products you can find at

You should pack a few changes of clothes, because until you get used to changing the nappy and breast feeding, there may be some accidents. You will also need a supply of newborn nappies, baby wipes, nappy rash cream, soap and shampoo (an all in one will be sufficient), towels, cream, blankets and baby powder. Last, but not least, don't forget our hospital cards. This is just the basic list and you can add on other items, but try to make the bags as small as possible.

You will probably be too tired to read, but if you do want to take some magazines or books, then make them light and easy to read. You will probably want to read about your new baby, so be sure to look at the range of books about newborn babies. You will learn all sorts of fascinating and important things, and even if you have read them already, it never hurts to go over some chapters again for your peace of mind.

When you are going into labour, you husband will be the main one in charge of the belongings and getting everything to the hospital. Once you go into labour, relax! Yes, relax - there is no need to panic. The contraction will still build slowly and it may take several hours for them to be close enough to go to the hospital. This will give you time to have a lovely warm bath which will calm you down and it helps to reduce the pain. Your husband will need to pack the car, so make sure all the items that you are taking with you are ready in a specific place. If there are items that you are still using like your toothbrush and hairbrush, make sure that you have written a list for your husband, so that he knows what to pack. This is a new and exciting experience for the both of you and being well prepared with a little help from, will allow you to have a memorable and stress free birthing experience, because there is nothing that you should be concentrating on except your baby.

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