We often fail to realize how the smallest of things that we take for granted in our everyday life hold the key and the secret for creating the kind of life we truly dream of living. There are so many things that the average person takes for granted and never puts any thought into what so ever. This can be a huge mistake. We must not only learn to develop a deep level of appreciation for the kind of life we already have, as we are not deserving of anything better until we do, but we must also learn to pay attention to the smallest of lessons that are available in our every day lives.

Take for example the shower. Most of us, if we are normal, take a shower every single day. Some people twice a day. Now, imagine how often you would shower if you didn't have a hot water heater to heat the water and had to do it one pot at a time and put it into the tub to bath. Imagine if there weren't pipes to run the water and an understanding of pressure to create a shower that sprays hot water on you. Life wouldn't be as easy, or as nicely smelling as it is if that weren't the case. So we must learn to appreciate these small things that we rarely think about and often take for granted. Appreciation is absolutely the way to more in your life. Without learning to appreciate what you already have for what it is, you don't deserve to have anything better. It's that simple.

So what does all of this have to do with lights and what they have to teach you about getting everything you want? Well, there are literally hundreds of lessons in just one light bulb, but we will stick to just a few for this article. The first is the lesson of appreciation. Going back to the shower example, we must also learn to appreciate the fact that someone invented electricity to make the light bulb work. We must learn to appreciate the people who work 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make our electricity for us. Not to mention the people who make all the light bulbs so that they can be delivered to a store near you so that you can have light in your house. We rarely take the time to think of all the people involved in helping us realize the benefits of even the smallest of things in our lives. This is such a major injustice to society in general as well as the people who put the time into creating the wonderful products we have access to in our society.

Here is something to think about. Let's say that you bought your best friend a gift, and when you gave your friend that gift they simply said thanks and threw it in a corner. Now let's say that you put a lot of time and thought and energy into getting that gift. How would that make you feel? Not very well at all would it. Why? Because they didn't show any appreciation for what you did for them. How do we feel when people don't show any appreciation for our actions or time? We usually feel very poorly about it. We like to feel appreciated for the things we do. The universe is not different. You are no different. If you don't appreciate yourself and what you have, how can you expect the universe to give you anything different or better. Why should you deserve it? Would you give your friend another gift the next day if they didn't appreciate the gift the day before? Of course not! The universe will not give you a gift tomorrow if you don't appreciate the gift of today first.

Now imagine that your friend went one step further and threw your gift on the floor and smashed it. How would you feel then? Probably hurt and even worse than you would have if they would have just thrown it in a corner some where. Again, life is no different. I am constantly amazed at how many people just throw their own lives on the floor and smash it. That is metaphorically speaking by the way. What I am saying though is that there are a lot of people out there who not only don't show appreciation for their life and the fact that they are life, but they actually hate their life. Sometimes they even hate the fact that they are alive. Based on the law of attraction, they are only going to attract more of the same crap to themselves, but more importantly, they will never be able to see the light on the other side of a dark hallway. So learn to take time each day to show and feel appreciation for what you do have. Remember, no matter how badly you have it, and no matter how much want to believe it isn't true, there are always people who have it worse. You could have both your legs missing, an addiction to heroine, no home, no food, and no money. That could be fairly bad. But hey, it's your life, and you have the birthright to do with it as you choose. I only recommend you begin to start showing appreciation for what you have if you truly want more out of your life.

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