During a coaching session last week, a client was beating herself up for something she judged as not being good enough.

When I asked her the question, “What do you love about yourself?” there was dead silence. I waited. A minute or so later, she told me something she does well for others. Ok, fine. Acknowledging a skill she likes (I didn’t sense the love!) that relates to doing something for others did answer my question.

I invited her to acknowledge a quality, strength, or gift about herself that she was proud of; something she was willing to own that evoked feelings of self-love.

Unable to respond, she asked me the same question. When she heard my answer, she was quiet again before she came up with something nice to say about who she is.

If asked the questions: “What do your love about yourself? What makes you fabulous, lovable, wonderfull….?”

What would you answer?

A few days later I was having a conversation with a friend about some beliefs about unworthiness I’ve been transforming. (In case you might be thinking I have all my stuff together, I don’t!).

I find fear and unworthiness are two main issues that powerfully erode self-confidence and self-esteem. How we feel about ourselves affects every aspect of our lives: business success, relationships, happiness, health & wellness…. get the picture why becoming self-aware is so vital to having what you want?

When we lack feelings of self-love, we don’t allow ourselves to receive the good that is being offered to us in so many ways. Ouch!

So, my friend asked me to do two things:

1. Email my close friends and colleagues with a request for feedback. I asked them to answer the questions, “Why do you love me or what do you love about me?”

Asking the questions wasn’t about pumping up my ego and strutting like a peacock about how great I am. I really wanted to hear how people saw and experienced me so that I could take their love into my heart.

I sent the email to 7 close friends who responded immediately. I was blown away by what they wrote.

2. I was asked to write down what I love about myself. (Ownership time!)

Are you open to be vulnerable and courageous?

Repeat my exercise. Give yourself the gift of feeling and receiving love - from yourself and the people who are crazy about you.

Come back and share what happened. Spread the word to others!

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Lorraine Cohen, President of Powerfull Living, brings more than 20 years experience in personal, spiritual, and business coaching, psychological counseling, and sales to thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders to have greater business success and personal happiness in their life. She is also the host of Powerfull Living Radio - compelling conversations on business, personal, and spiritual topics. Contact her for speaking engagements and customized leadership programs for your company or organization. Visit www.powerfull-living.biz to learn more about Lorraine’s services, success products, and programs.