Successful business leaders tend to be very observant and are exceptionally good at decision-making. Part of what makes them good at making the right decision quickly is their education and past experiences. A business-savvy executive acts fast, but not without clear intentions and strategic thought.

Your past experiences, direct and indirect, is the raw material you use to make smart, strategic decisions. For this reason, it is very important to be fully vested in all that you do, hear and see. Those who pay attention and ”live in the present” tend to be better decision makers.

If you missed important information in a previous conversation or meeting, don’t try to work around it. Go to the source and ask questions. The ensuing conversation will not only fill in the missing data, but it may lead to other insights that would otherwise be missed. Invite an opinionated friend over to strategize. Plenty of great ideas come from thought-provoking conversations. Once you decide to take your idea to the next level, the strategies below can help you turn your idea into a successful venture:

Self Confidence - having a confident demeanor will captivate your audience

Conviction - believing in your message will influence others to do the same

Education - knowing your subject matter as well as your competition’s products and services will give you an edge in business as well as the ability to answer pointed questions.

Follow through - it is not enough just to make a sale. Follow through on your commitments and promises. Delivery and service after money has changed hands is key to a happy, and long-term, client.

Even the best decison makers occasionally have to change course midstream. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate when new information is available. If there is too much to risk for the reward, then make the decision not to proceed. If you find you are unable to provide what you promised, partner with someone who can help and immediately provide a time frame to your clients. Having an unhappy client can set back your business and recovery can be very slow.

Author's Bio: 

Camandago, Inc. was founded by Washington State Private Investigator Shellee Hale. Shellee has been involved in business and management consulting for over 20 years. Most of her clients were high tech firms seeking to utilize new technology for a business advantage. As the Internet grew, Shellee’s toolset expanded to include many forms of electronic information for her clients. After providing electronic research for a legal case, Shellee went on to earn her private investigator license and has enhanced her technical consulting expertise with strategic electronic and Internet-based investigative skills. Shellee is on the board of the Washington Association of Legal Investigators.