A Savile Row tailor is very different than any other tailor, and this is because of many reasons. Savile Row is famous for tailored suits custom created by bespoke tailors, and these garments are famous all over the globe for their high quality and long lasting use. Tailors from this address may not even advertise or have a website or advertisements, and many of the older firms have been doing business with some of the same families for years, even decades. A tailored suit from Savile Row means a considerable investment of both time and money to one of the bespoke tailors there, but this investment is well worth the end result.

Bespoke tailors from this high class address teach apprentices to make tailored suits one long step at a time. Apprentices are chosen for their desire to learn, and then they are given the chance to very slowly start working their way up, taking many years and even decades to become a master. The apprentice must meet the most stringent standards, and prove themselves worthy repeatedly, before being allowed to advance to the next step. This is how bespoke tailors in Savile Row learn to make tailored suits. The first step may be to learn how to create a coat, and many an apprentice will spend four or five years at this one skill, before moving on to cutting materials, which can take another half a decade. Because of this process, tailored suits made from a bespoke tailor are the highest class of both materials and craftsmanship, with perfection being not just an aim, but the only result that is acceptable. A bespoke tailor may have to perform ten to fifteen sittings for a tailored suit, sometimes more, and take numerous measurements, all for one single suit. The time and expertise demanded are enormous, and a bespoke tailor may charge more for a tailored suit to reflect this. Tailored suits can range from a couple thousand dollars to five thousand dollars or more, depending on the specific bespoke tailor and the materials and number of fittings involved.

Savile Row bespoke tailors are a breed apart, just like their tailored suits. Only the best of the best are allowed to continue past the apprenticeship level, and then it takes at least a decade of hard work to rise up some of the way. Tailored suits from the bespoke tailors that make up Savile Row are the best suits and garments in the entire world, and these tailors have vast experience before they are even allowed to touch a needle. What sets the bespoke tailors and their tailored suits high above the rest are quality and class, as well as pride in their craft that shows exquisitely in every suit made by them, from the buttonholes that are a labor of love, to the number of fittings these tailors require for a suit that fits your body like a glove and hides any flaws.

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