A bespoke suit is a suit that is cut and fitted right on the premises, and requires a number of fittings and a substantial financial investment. Bespoke tailoring is a craft that takes decades to become a master at, and these tailors make creating a tailor fitted suit or shirt a thing of art and beauty. The most famous place in the entire world to find a bespoke suit and bespoke tailoring would be Savile Row, in Mayfair, London, and the rich and royalty have frequented these tailors for decades, and even centuries.

The cost of a bespoke suit and bespoke tailoring can be significant, starting at about two or three thousand dollars and climbing from there, but anyone who has ever had one of these garments custom created for them will admit that the cost is a small price to pay for the fit, style, and comfort, not to mention the long life of the garment. A bespoke suit is a suit that is made following a certain process, involving cutting, fittings, and the entire experience of bespoke tailoring. The tailor notes every little detail and body flaw or defect, and then traces the measurements from the very first sitting onto brown paper with chalk. This process is repeated on the cloth, and then again with basting cotton. A bespoke suit is then created with a series of many fittings and then bespoke tailoring, to make a suit which fits your specific body perfectly.

There are some machine made suits which claim to be bespoke suits, but there is no bespoke tailoring involved, and many of these garments are actually a process called made to measure, also commonly referred to as semi bespoke suits. The tailor may take an initial fitting, and then the measurements are sent to the manufacturer, where the suit is made by a machine the same way that standard off the rack suits are made, but the suit is custom made to the measurements provided. These are not bespoke suits, and bespoke tailoring is never done with a machine.

Bespoke suits bear the craftsmanship of bespoke tailoring, and the little details can give away a lot in telling an original Savile Row garment. The stitching is the first thing you should examine, because true bespoke tailoring will result in a bespoke suit whose stitches are not visible at all. The buttonhole will also reveal whether the suit is an original or machine made. All Savile Row tailors take enormous pride in the perfection of their hand stitched suits, and for a very good reason. Bespoke tailoring will create a bespoke suit that lasts at least ten years, and is made from only the finest quality materials and craftsmen. There is no replacement for an original suit from Savile Row, and there are many reasons why these tailors are considered the elite at their craft, which is to make tailored suits which fit perfectly and are custom made for each consumers body type and condition.

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