Astrology is not here to predict a future that we are supposed to build! Astrology is mainly here for spiritual and medical purposes. Astrology helps us better know OurSelves, to orientate children growth, to identify our challenges and their solutions, to localize our Destiny (Dharma). An astrologer, who is reading a chart, may have some insights regarding the future of someone or a group, but she (he) should not describe it, because our realization depends on the quality of our answer to the unknown!

The astrological houses do not condition us any more like before. The 'fatum' is an artifact, an abstract concept, invented to control individuals and masses.

Thing is the balance between will and feel, yang and yin. The famous Aquarius age, which is still far, will only be a golden age if we make it so. Horoscope literally means 'seeing time', not 'making time'. What time is it? The positions of the celestial entities when we are born are advices, not chains. What should be clear is that we are here to develop freedom not alienation to whatsoever. Observing an accurate way, it becomes obvious that it is the development of the individual and collective Free will which leads the process. But freedom often frightens us.

We should create ourselves different representations than 'influences of the celestial entities', we should consider mutual influences. The Earth and 'her' inhabitants are in a forces exchange process, we should not see ourselves as undergoing creatures. We do not have to be subjected to the 'fatum', most contrairely we are, even if we often are not aware of it, on the path of Freedom and emancipation!

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