One of my mentors gave me this priceless pearl of wisdom many years ago. He said, “The greatest determinant of your success is the voice you hear inside your head.”

What are the messages you are telling yourself? Are you seeing obstacles? Or are you seeing opportunities? And how can you consciously use this voice in your head to help you create a life you love?

The answer lies in two simple words: WHAT-IF?

When we use these two innocuous little words to imagine worst-case scenarios, to worry, or to rationalize, we mentally suck the life out of our creative abilities.

What if it doesn’t work?
What if I can't afford it?
What if someone else is better at this than me?
What if it’s a bad idea?

This is a thought process we call “What If DOWNing.” It uses the power of "What If" like an undertow to carry you away from all that you hope to achieve.

But what if you used these two words in a different way? What if you used them to create possibilities? What if you looked at the “best-case scenarios”? What if it’s easier than you have ever imagined?

This is the “What If UP” mentality.

What if it works?
What if it’s fun?
What if I get to be the one who makes it happen?

“What If Upping” shifts our focus. It redirects that inner voice. It activates our emotions, fills us with enthusiasm, and practically launches us into the realm of inspired actions.

The next time you have a challenge or a difficulty, try “What If Upping” it. After all, what if the solution is closer than you know?

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