Question: In answering this myself as the interviewer I would say: A transformational change is a change that makes one start a completely different lifestyle. Then the new position of this person is so certain that what he/she is doing on the deepest level is right and for good that there is no room for fear, or wrong actions and decisions. All actions are completely in tune with the rest of the universe. This is my understanding; I am interested in hearing yours.

BeiYin: What you are saying describes a possible result of a transformational change but not what it is by itself.
Indeed, a 'transformational change' will have significant results that will show in ones lifestyle, behavior and well being. There might be no fear anymore, as fear is a reaction coming from ones unconscious background and this might be cleared up. Now how does this transformational change happen and what is it? If ice melts and becomes water,then this is a transformational change. If waste goes into the compost and what comes out is good earth, or if a seed grows and becomes a plant, or a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, then this we might understand as a transformational change.
The problem with human's mind is that real 'understanding' is not possible, unless one has passed this transformational change oneself, because real understanding includes ones whole being and not just the mind. The usual is that understanding is felt when a happening or condition fits to an established concept so that it is confirmed. When this is the case then the individual feels satisfied and content, because being identified with ones concepts, one feels confirmed in ones existence when ones owned concept is confirmed. That's the main reason why people seek exchange, what in deed is no real exchange, but just a confirmation game, although it is felt as communication. The emotions are mostly involved when being confirmed and accelerates the excitement and happiness.
The possession even of the best concept, for example for self-growth, might hinder the realization of it and any real
change, because the individual in spite of the adapted concept does not want such a change and will do everything to avoid it, not being conscious about this fact. Concepts do a good job in this and there is no end in this kind of pseudo understanding.

Question: I don't understand, even though I can sense there is something... Can you explain this more?

BeiYin: So whatever I might explain, it will be added to ones already stored concepts, in the way as ones limited understanding or misinterpretation goes. This will not help to further any real 'transformational change'. So that means that I should better shut up and refuse to talk about it, because whatever I might express will be used to add to ones concepts, confirming the already established or if this is not possible, then what doesn't fit will be ignored and rejected. If I would insist to clear things up then probably there would come an even stronger defense reaction, that might go up to physical violence.

Question: Can't you give an example how it can be that one has a good self-growth concept and then can't realize this?

BeiYin: The only thing I can do now is to point out why it is so difficult that there happens a 'transformational change'. If I would go into examples that would be very easy, as human's function through their conceptual thinking, but then people who have made this concept to their own, would jump on me, because they would feel offended and will defend their wonderful concept that gives them such a good feeling, sense and fulfillment, or at least keeps them busy. So I better hold back, I don't want to provoke a war or get beaten up.

Question: Yes I see, but you can tell what the reason is why the whole thing is so complicate and tricky?

BeiYin: It has to do with human nature and as part of this with 'Personality', that what we believe we are. This is not specifically 'human' because also animals have it, but humans are totally identified with it and that's what makes it so extremely difficult to extend the boundaries of it or better said to go beyond the personality. Apart of that nobody really wants to go beyond ones established self feeling. The system of 'personality', like all systems, wants to keep itself together and intact, for sure not wanting to lose itself. Instead of this the personality is trying to gain more and more, whatever this might be: Property on all levels, security on all levels, power on all levels, etc. Property not only on the material level, although in our society this is the most importance, but after this comes the intellectual property. If one is rich, then one has the possibility to manipulate others and this will serve to get even richer. The same with intellectual properties: one can manipulate others and make them to followers by charing ones knowledge or make that they do what one wants. There is no end and one can never get enough. Do you think those people want a 'transformational change'? So then who might want it? Hardly anybody. For example: What are doing the professionals in spiritual matters like the churches and religious organizations? They offer concepts and rituals. This is enough to keep people as followers and keep them satisfied and quiet. Churches are still among the richest companies in the world, beside the pharmaceutics and war multi.

Question: I agree in this, but what about all those professionals, experts in 'transformational change'?

BeiYin: You mean: Experts for psychological changes. That mainly says that they are educated to manipulate the structure of personality so that the individual is integrated without too big problems into society: Then having success on all levels, making a lot of money and being happy. Experts have their techniques to treat people, make a good living from it and if they can't help to make a change happen with their methods they are specialized in, then they prescribe medication: Tranquilizer, painkiller, sleeping pills, etc. - or send the client to another expert. Do you think those experts are interested in a 'transformational change'? Probably they have not even clear ideas about it as they themselves are mostly stuck in their sophisticated personality. So...
Then politicians: For sure they are not interested in any 'transformational change'; they are totally convinced and occupied with themselves and their ideas. This is obvious when we observe them, although there has been a few in human history who had the intention to change something profoundly, but they were killed because of this or they were eaten up by the resistance of the system.
Then medical doctors: There might be a few interested, but they are also mostly stuck in their way of thinking, in the
first place they are interested in treating symptoms by manipulation or prescribing medication. That's what they have learned in their medical education.
Are there individuals among those professionals they might be interested in a 'transformational change'for themselves? Probably extremely few, because they use their professional knowledge as part of their personality to be confirmed in their existence and if they can combine their psychological knowledge with spiritual concepts then they are untouchable and any 'transformational change' is kept out. There is just no need for it. Why? Because whatever might happen and whatever challenge shows up, it will be successfully rejected and put in its place where it belongs. One's superiority will stay untouched. In our society medical doctors still have the position as high priests, nobody questions their authority and if somebody does then they get the stamp: "insane!" I can tell stories from my own experience about this...

Question: Yes, I know that 'I' don't want to give up and 'I' don't want to know about the possibility that 'I am' still hanging on with an intellectual concept or other kind of trick - fooling myself. So then my other question is what is the yardstick that we can use to measure ourselves - in an independent way without needing an authority to tell us - if there might be something currently needing transformation?

BeiYin: Dropping one concept in exchange for another one is not a 'transformational change'. But if you become aware that you are identified with your concepts, whatever these are, and you are getting your feeling of existence out of it, then this might be a beginning... Of course we are fooling ourselves and we are clinging using all kind of tricks. All and every thing turns around the 'I'.
If you can measure yourself? You can't, at least not in questions about 'transformational change', there isn't such a 'stick' you can use from your personal viewpoints. You can measure the amount of property you have gathered but hardly the position of your personal evolution. Yes, there are some tests where you can measure your state of personal growth and 'enlightenment'. That's another game to give you self-confirmation. Once you have passed a real transformational change, then you will be capable to measure things, what means that you will be able to give an objective value to happenings within and around you. At this moment you only can do what feels right in your daily circumstances, knowing that this is not a measure, but the only way to do it, because your feeling of what is right is still too much influenced by your needs, your wishes, your dreams, your self image, your concepts, your unconscious background. But if you sensitively are aware then you will observe yourself and discover the tricks you are using, again and again, being aware that you are going into another game, etc. Your own reactions to what shows up in daily life from your surrounding and from people are the best measure, if you are aware of this and observe and reflect about it, that's all and enough. So better relax and trust that finally it will come to an end. Remember that all being has an inbuilt growing force and so also humans and this force will guide you the shortest way possible if you allow this...
Be aware of your reactions, these show you where you resist, what means you will not react anymore when your unconscious background structure has been cleared up, more you can't do. And then a transformational change' might happen because it is already happening, or at least you are preparing the necessary base condition that it can happen.

Question: It seems to me that it is a good thing for any individual to have some kind of change, especially to bring one more in touch with ones spiritual side.

BeiYin: "Some kind of change?" Is there a real change? Or is there just a change in concepts? Does it make any difference if somebody is killed because of materialistic reasons or killed because of religious reasons? For the killed people for sure it will not make any difference, although the religious motivation gives more strength to the killer... Again: Strong concepts are involved! And used often by clever people to manipulate others for their own interest.
What is the 'spiritual side' of a person? This seems to be part of an image and so has little or nothing to do with 'spirituality', that only can be the result of a growing process, which includes the whole individual and for sure not beliefs or concepts, as beautiful these might be...

Question: Then let me call it 'self growth'. Isn't this a spiritual learning process?

BeiYin: Let me give an example, although this contains dynamite: I'm observing a 'very spiritual person', that's how she calls herself, and she is in a strong 'spiritual transformational process'. She is convinced about it, because she is an 'expert'!... This person is totally involved in it, strongly identified with some sophisticated spiritual concepts and obviously convinced that she is nearly enlightened. But her daily life behavior showing up in her reactions are still totally unconscious and to such an extreme, that no communication is possible, what means she is not able to receive any critique or advice and she can't relate to what comes to her. It is obvious that she is 'pretending', but she's not at all conscious about it. One can see it how she still is doing this old game of provoking reactions in another person and then using the situation to react even stronger and of course finding a reason for this and giving the fault to the other. Trying to draw the other into arguing: to win the game. If this doesn't work, because one doesn't join her game, then after trying some more tricks to save her position and if this also doesn't work, then getting into a desperate situation with the need to pull the emergency brake. You see, it is much more complicated and the 'personality' owns a huge arsenal of tricky ways to defend itself. There seems to be no limitation, but there is: There happens an inner blockage where no trick will help to find 'self confirmation'. This works like a kind of 'guardian of the threshold' and keeps the door close for every body who is not ready. There is no trick possible and always turns the pretending person back to oneself. So the last trick might be to end in total 'craziness' (alcohol is the common and accepted way to 'help' in this) to save oneself. Pretty absurd and sad, but it works...
You mentioned 'self growth'. This is a very diffuse and tricky word, because it can be used and is understood quite differently. It sounds positive and promising and can be interpreted individually from ones own view and need, so it is used as an effective marketing name to sell products and services and these serve exclusively personality purposes mainly to make money, a game that supports personality on both sides. Of course nobody wants and is capable to look behind, this is just natural and part of human nature, that rules behavior and attitude.

Question: Knowing that whatever one does, that this is a 'turning around oneself' and a strengthening of ones personality, so isn't there a way, without forcing oneself or falling into the traps of salesmen, that one can do something not to trick oneself again and again?
BeiYin: Yes there is and it is not a concept, it is something practical we can do for and within our daily life and the best is that we can do it alone and without depending on anybody or the help of an expert.

Here it is: Every body is getting into stress because one must constantly defend ones precious personality with all its properties: Ones self image, beliefs, opinions, knowledge, concepts, etc. and these properties are constantly influenced and somehow attacked, because the daily reality doesn't fit completely, so then stress is caused and accumulated. Now this accumulated stress is used by ones personality to keep ones games going, causing all kind of conflicts and problematic situations, including disease and a lot of suffering. Stress is a kind of super fuel, it burns, gives heat and destroys. So the most effective way to end ones games, is to take off and out this kind of produced and stored stress energy. You won't belief it, but this can be done by a simple daily exercise. I call it 'StressReleaseExercise' and I am talking about it in detail in my audio where I have also given complete advice how to do it.

Question: One last question: I am searching to get out of the trap of my personality and I want to avoid going into tricking myself or being drawn into games by salesmen. What can I do apart of the mentioned exercise, to distinguish from all what is offered what can be a real help and what is not?

BeiYin: My suggestion is that you are very critical with every thing you need to buy, most of it is fake anyway. The real help you will receive for free because it is available around you and within you, you only need to be open for it. The helper who points this out will not charge you for it. Listen to my audio about abundance, this will give you some hints. Go and get out of dependencies - take self responsibility! That's the best way to avoid any kind of tricks, from others and from yourself.

Thank you.

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