In this article we’ll cover the 5 things that you must know about effective fat loss and women will especially benefit from these tips and secrets. So let me begin and please follow me for enriching your knowledge base.

How to burn fat by lifting weights?

When you lift weights, it gives a signal to your working muscles in your body that “hey, you’re still using these muscles and in order to maintain the strength in your muscles, let’s keep them ready next time you expose them to stress and make them a little stronger.” Your body will burn a lot of calories at super fast speed as the bodily metabolic rate is enhanced with the new muscle built in response to the new stress. Since men have more testosterone naturally in their bodies than women, they can build muscles faster and men will find it easier to lose weight due to these two facts.

That is why nowadays, many women are taking to lifting weights to burn off calories faster. And many of them have overcome their fear of developing big muscles due to lower naturally occurring testosterone levels and have no worries of acquiring a manly look.

No starvation strategies

Don’t try to become thin by losing your muscle mass through starving yourself of food. It will only weaken your body and give rise to poor performance, moodiness and less than appealing visual appearance. Continue to eat the multiple meal strategy of 4-6 small, protein rich meals. Include your essential fats, fibrous carbs and plenty of water each meal. A multi vitamin and mineral also should be considered.

Fat vs. muscle

You must concentrate on developing muscles and getting rid of the fat. In fact you can burn more fat by building muscles, as pointed out earlier. When you become fatty, there are layers of fat hanging round your belly and cellulite causing your thighs to have an appearance with a lumpy, cottage cheese look. You shall never look lumpy and unsightly if you tone and improve the shape of your muscles in your torso and lower body.

When you have more muscle, your over all look will be lean, agile, and strong without the flabbiness associated with excess fat. While muscle is hard to build, it will remain very firm and that fat once appeared soft and fleshy will transform into well shaped muscle. Always go for muscles instead of fat.

Can’t skip breakfast

Many obese people have this strange notion that if they skip breakfast they will lose weight faster. What they don’t realize is that by skipping breakfast they are missing out on the most vital meal of the day and by the time they reach lunch time, they will feel so hungry that they will invariably end up overeating and overstuffing themselves. This will create more harm than good.

Don’t weaken your body by skipping breakfast. Rather, eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast that will accelerate your body metabolism, provide you with more energy to workout and which will ultimately aid you in weight loss.

Small regular meals

Another reason why people pile on the calories so fast is because they love to stick to their 1 or 2 huge meals per day routine which causes more harm than good. You should substitute this unhealthy practice with 5 or 6 balanced small meals every day, leaving a gap of 2 to 3 hours between each meal. This will help you to maintain a stable blood sugar level and help you avoid temptation of eating crazy quality or quantities of fat loss inappropriate food.

Then, you must also keep a count on your calories at all times. To do this takes effort but the time on the front end of “cleaning house” or balancing the check book…will pay off in roughly two weeks when the routine presents a pattern of your typically eaten foods that you’ve been eating and tracking. From there, you will create your “master list” of favorite foods…which will have your entire calorie counts done for you based on previous effort. A rotation of these foods can now occur weekly without too much more effort in counting because your food counts were already done previously.

Author's Bio: , aka, Emile Jarreau is 31 year veteran fitness professional and co-owner of in Long Beach, California. Also having 19 years of bodybuilding and figure coaching experience, he specializes in fat loss and all its aspects and freely shares online resources to the world.