As a young man being newly introduced into the world of creative dreaming, one major fact I was made to understand is that I have to keep investing in myself. I learnt, for me to achieve much, I must first live a life of investment.

After learning this fact, I have never stopped investing in myself. When I started working on my dreams, one habit I cultivated is that of buying a book, out of every money I make. This was going on for a while and so many people couldn’t understand why I was doing that. To them, it was plain foolishness.

Today, the story has changed. All the things I learnt from those books and other sources back then, are now working magic in my life. I am running a successful offline and online business; I have written my own books, speak at seminars and even coach so many people. All these didn’t come on a platter of gold, you know.

Jim Rohn said a man that only has a favorite restaurant and no bookstore, should be pitied. This is because he has only bothered to invest in his body and neglected his mind. The worst mistake you can ever make is to neglect investing in yourself because you may not be able to achieve much, years later.

I want you to know that the best investment you can ever make is the one you do on yourself. Investing in yourself has the highest rate of return than any other investment that ever exist. I have been able to create so many streams of income from the knowledge I have garnered from all the sources of information I had access to years back.

If you have been investing on things that won’t add any value to your life, NOW is the time to stop short-changing yourself. Rush to a local bookstore and get a book that will transform your life. I have discovered that a life-changing material is far cheaper than all the valueless stuffs we acquire.

When you invest in yourself, the result may not show tomorrow or instantly, but when you start seeing the result, you will surely be amazed. If you have not start the investment process, NOW is the best time to start, there is NEVER a better time then today.

This is to your success this year and beyond.

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