Would You like to see a new Genre of Musi called Positive Music?
If you have ever looked in any CD music sales area, you
probably noticed all of the Genre listings such as Country,
Hip Hop, 80's Rock, 70's Rock, New Age, Meditative, Oldies,
Christain, Blues, Jazz, Soft Rock, Pop, Raggae, Latin, Heavy
Metal, Easy Listening, Kids Music, to name a few. Yet, where
does Positive music fit in? There is Positve Music that certainly fits in all of those genre's, but there is no real way of knowing where one could find it.

Research has proven that tones, notes, beats, words and music
in general can affect our brain wave patterns. Self Growth, in and of itself, recognizes the importance of connecting with positive thinking, or beyond positive thinking, and learning to awaken the true self in each of us. How much more beneficial would it be if we all incorporated learning and listening to Positive music and opened a new genre that actually has a place called Positive Music. How many new attitudes could be created?

Let's all use our resources and ask the music outlets to add
a new Genre called Positve Music. I am associated with
many Positive Music writers, performers, and singers who's
music truly is of major quality, and is deserving of massive
recognition. As we progress in our journey at this time as
the "thinking" and the world changes, lets take this next step, and open a new frontier, a new way of adding more healthy
energy through Positve Music. Make those calls, write
those emails or letters and let the music outlets know, that
it would be of GREAT benefit to add a new Genre to their
list called Positve Music.

Author's Bio: 

Former mobile, independent DJ for over 23 years and now owner, producer, host and DJ of mindmasteryradio.com
Mind Mastery Radio promotes musicians, authors, mentors, coaches, educators and other experts who's music, books,
audio/videos, seminars or tools "Raise the Positive of Thinking".

Listen to the talk and music here and you will feel the Seed of Greatness arising in you. Raise your vibration...Raise your joy. "Great Music, Great Talk, Great You"
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