Avoid being road-kill on this super charged super highway called life in the 21st century. There is an increase in the amount of information and activity that bombards us on a daily basis and there is no sign of a slow down. In fact, we can feel its exponential growth. It is time to take charge of our lives again and do it in a way that does not add to the current of overwhelm.

Get a crystal clear view of where you want to take your life. Know which activities move you toward your end goals and which ones actually side track you. For example, if more clients is a goal then, with each work activity ask yourself, "Will this activity directly increase my number of clients?", and change the task if the response is no.

Look around for all that you really can do without. These can be tangible objects, people who take down your energy, activities that are time wasters, or thoughts that leave you feeling disempowered. Now start weeding, a little day-by-day.

Get determined to simplify everything. When you actively choose it as a goal, you will be amazed at what you suddenly see and become aware of, as you move through usually routine activities.

Segment your days and plan for deliberate inclusion of those things that you want to see happen. Set aside deliberate email reading and writing time, for example. When you do that, your tasks will have predetermined deadlines and you will find yourself more focused on the task at hand, increasing efficiency.

Get more picky and choosy. Select your television viewing for the week ahead of time and only watch the selected programs. Turn the television off at all other times. Say no to requests from other people if they involve activities that you would rather not do. Know what you like and what you do not like, then live to it.

Organize distinct systems for dealing with incoming information and requests. When someone gives you new address or phone details, have somewhere that you can immediately enter that information for ready retrieval when you need it. If an idea comes to mind on which you might want to take later action, have a place to record those brilliant ideas until you are ready to review future projects.

Get up earlier in the mornings to give yourself some precious alone time, just for hanging out with yourself. It is a time that is free from phone calls and busy-ness, an opportunity to get clear and let thoughts settle before interruptions from outside begin to speed up your day. So many of us jump out of bed and hit the ground running, before we even get into the real nitty-gritty of the day.

Your life is under your control. Accept that as fact and begin living each day as though that is fact. Never mind everything that is bothering you, what are you going to do about it? I am sure that you have many ideas of your own about reducing the clutter in your life. Take action on those ideas that you know you could, the ones that will make a huge impression on your current experience of life and truly living it.

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