My, my, my! There are so many ways to use a virtual assistant in your business. Even before I knew of the term "virtual assistant", I've always enjoyed the flexibility of working remotely and love the reward of making the lives of others easier.

So many clients feel “rescued” since they now have a virtual assistant in their lives! Being able to delegate and know that someone knows your business inside and out and represents you well is priceless! Virtual assistants conduct themselves as an extension of your team so we tend to recommend you set up an email for us using your domain and sometimes an extension as well.

V.A.'s generally help solopreneurs and other small to mid-sized businesses run their operations so the key staff can focus on increasing the bottom line.

In our practice, Exceptional Business Solutions, I usually start a consultation with an intake having the company representative I'm working with advise on the priorities of the business and the most pressing tasks they are currently performing that's taking up extended periods of time along with a combination of pressing tasks that have been placed on the back-burner. Based on budget and priorities, we then determine what we're going to focus on immediately. These tasks usually end up including services such as: bookkeeping, word processing, scheduling, setting up filing systems, creating or updating websites, newsletters, database management, meeting planning, researching, creating and maintaining blogs, setting up podcasts, teleseminars and webinars, article submission and sometimes it's simply being a liaison to their existing vendors and clients.

Businesses actually save money by using virtual assistants. Think about it - all tasks take time and cost money. If the owner or other senior-level member is performing administrative tasks, that fee is significantly higher than the cost of delegating to your virtual assistant. Virtual assistants help to put business operations on auto-pilot so you don't have to think about it.

Types of businesses virtual assistants work with cover a broad range. They include: travel agents, coaches, attorneys, cpa's, professional membership associations, authors, c-level executives, speakers - and this is just a short list. V.A.'s also tend to work with a niche, a specific set of clients or industries which really makes them expert in helping you streamline your processes.

Using a virtual assistant allows you to go out on your appointments, take vacations and not have to check your Blackberry 24/7. From helping you save money, grow your business and easing your mind, V.A.'s rescue businesses from procrastination and help them to become more productive and proactive every day.

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Exceptional Business Solutions offers virtual and on-site administrative services and management consultation to other businesses. Led by Tya Bolton, our V.A.'s have backgrounds being executive assistants, marketing coordinators, programmers, and business managers. Allow us to become an extension of your team today! Call Tya for a free consultation at 866-410-3249.