Virginia State University is basically a black university i.e. a school for African Americans and was founded on March 6, 1882. It is located in Ettrick, Virginia (very near to Petersburg, in the Richmond area). In 1923, the college was renamed as The Virginia State College for Negroes, latter in 1946; it was shortened to Virginia State College. It finally got its university status and was renamed as Virginia State University in 1979.

The Virginia State University has defined its mission as “to encourage and maintain academic programs that combine lessons, research, and public service in a response to the needs and events of individuals and groups within its scale of influence.” Virginia State University is termed as a Master’s College and University I by the Carnegie Institute.

Virginia State University has many academic programs for both undergraduate as well as for graduate students. There are 4 colleges namely the school for Science, and Technology; School of Engineering, the School of Agriculture; the School of Liberal Arts and Education; the School of Business; and the School of Graduate Studies, Research, and Outreach.

The university provides bachelor’s degrees in a variety of field. Bachelor degrees can be achieved in such areas as agriculture, management, home economics, criminal justice, public administration, biology, engineering, history, music, social work, and mass communications.

There are about 12 Graduate programs in different fields and areas. These include the master’s degree level programs in biology, education, English, history, counselor education, interdisciplinary studies, psychology, mathematics, physics. A doctoral degree is also obtainable in “Educational administration and supervision’.

At Virginia State University, tuition and required fees can range from undergraduate to graduate programs. It was $2,417 per semester for the 2005-2006 academic year for in-state, undergraduate students who attend a full-time course. Students pertaining from out of state and graduate students have slightly higher costs, i.e. it is almost three times.

Never mind this University also provides with adequate financial aids in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans and work-study programs purely on the basis of merit. The Graduate students can also opt for financial aids in the form of teaching or research oriented assistantships

The Virginia State University includes opening in a diverse choice of activities and organizations. Thus, it provides with many well groomed students when they pass out of the University. No doubt that the University is fast approaching to make a history of its own to be the finest University of its own kind in recent years.

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