More and more web site owners are taking advantage of the exponential growth in video sharing sites and syndicating video for link popularity and direct traffic.

There are now at least 50 very solid video sharing sites with high traffic numbers and rankings across all the major search engines. Many more video sites are online and ramping up to be players as well.

As I predicted when YouTube took off, video sites are fast replacing article directories as the "darlings" of syndication for link building and targeted traffic generation.

Video is becoming ridiculously easy to create these days and even rank amateurs have a plethora of tools that make video production a snap for them. The main problem is video is very big and takes a long time to upload to all the video sharing sites.

It's not at all like articles where you can easily syndicate across a huge base of article directories in a snap with the right article syndication service.

Or is it?

New services are coming online to take advantage of the great demand marketers have for easy video syndication. Of course this is a natural development now that there are enough sites to drive video marketers crazy and make them seek out syndication services that will help them spread their videos without uploading them one site at a time.

The original video syndication service, Traffic Geyser, is quite a bit more expensive than article syndication services. But then, they have to deal with a huge bandwidth bill each month from uploading hundreds or even thousands of videos across all the main video sharing sites.

There are free video uploading services, but they are very light in the number of video sites they upload to.

As demand for easy video syndication continues to rise, watch for more and more competitors to come online and take their spot in the video syndication industry.

If you were around when article marketing took off, you know what's about to happen in the video marketing industry. It's going to be an even greater explosion than article marketing was when it hits critical mass.

The smart marketers are making how-to videos and re-purposing their written content into video scripts as fast as they can to get ahead of the video marketing boom that is just beginning to really take off across the web.

First movers always get the best results, but video marketing is just starting to show massive promise and there's still time to get ahead of the masses before everyone is marketing with video.

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