When most people think of using feng shui to help improve the energy in their homes, they primarily think of the interior of their homes. They concentrate on where to put furniture to optimize the flow of positive energy. They concentrate on incorporating the five elements – fire, water, wood, metal, and earth – into their interior spaces to bring balance and harmony to their living spaces. They select colors for walls, furniture, and decorative objects that have an aesthetically pleasing quality and a symbolism that creates the energy they desire for a particular area.

Did you know, though, that you can also use the exterior of your home as a means to create harmonious, balanced energy? The truth is, your outdoor areas are really just an extension of your indoor living space. In order to create positive energy inside, you first need to create a positive feel to the energy that surrounds and leads to your home. This is very easy to do, because of all of the naturally occurring elements that are right outside your home.

The area right outside your front door is a wonderful place to start. Wind chimes near your front door create a beautiful, calming sound that invites good, rejuvenating energy into your home. Likewise, having a water feature, such as a fountain or pond, creates a flow of energy that will continue through your front door and into your house.

If you have particular challenges with energy, such as difficult neighbors or a busy nearby street, you can place guardian statues (angels, dragons, Buddhas, etc) on either side of your front door to give you a sense of protection from that disruptive energy as you cross the threshold into your home.

You can also easily incorporate the five elements into your landscaping as well, to bring a sense of balance to your living space. Unless you live in a very urban environment, you probably have an abundance of earth and wood elements around your home. You can add the elements of fire, water, and metal through the elements themselves (though local officials may take a dim view of you having fire elements in their natural state), through color, or through shape.

You can use red flowers or planters to symbolize fire and warm up the energy around your home. Likewise, you can use black objects, such as fences or painted furniture, to bring the water element into your home, if you are unable to have fountains or ponds outside your home.

There are many creative ways you can create a positive outdoor space to set the stage for a harmonious and relaxing indoor living area. Try incorporating some of the basic principles of feng shui into your gardening and landscaping, and you will be surprised how much it affects the quality of the energy inside your home as well as outside.

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