Are you interested in capitalizing on press releases for your online business? Press releases are valuable tools that can be used to help your business with many areas. There are quite a few potential benefits from press releases that you can take advantage of including: increased brand awareness, search engine optimization (SEO), creating buzz for a product or service, and more.

Not only can you get people to read the press release who might visit your website but you can create more traffic through search engine optimization as well. Indexing in search engines will bring you more traffic because people will be more likely to find your company in the top search results for targeted keyword searches.

Once you learn to capitalize on this way of getting information out for your company, you might find it beneficial to send press releases out for many reasons such as new product releases, seasonal promotions, changes in staffing, big industry news and more.

Press Release Benefit: Backlinks

Backlinks are a big benefit to press releases that a lot of people don’t really think about. Not only will people read your press release but search engines will as well. When your press release is syndicated, news organizations could publish it on their website which will create extra backlinks pointing to your website.

When you do a press release well, it’ll be syndicated to many sites. Those sites will all point to your site and if they’re relevant to your subject matter, this is pure gold!

Backlinks through highly ranked sites with good Google reputation will increase your own site’s profile and help you get more search engine indexing for valuable keywords.

Press Release Benefit: Credibility

A well-written press release will paint your company in a positive light. When a press release is written properly, it has the potential to draw positive attention to your site as a solid company worthy of business.

Press releases that are interesting and well-written will get attention for you and your business so if you don’t know how to craft one, it’s a good idea to either pay someone to do it for you or to learn to do it yourself.

There are services that will do press release writing and distribution as well as services who will take the press release you’ve written and distribute it for you. If you want to learn to write effective press releases you can find many online tutorials that’ll help you make the most of this very effective writing method.

Writing press releases and sending them out alone won’t be likely to get you enough business to sustain yourself but as part of your marketing strategy can be a wise thing to do especially during:

-product releases
-staffing changes
-pricing promotions
-changes to your industry
-announcing awards you’ve received
-advertising contests

When you have something newsworthy to tell and tell it in an interesting and effective way it can help you get more business, get more search engine results and build your company’s profile. Whether you do press releases yourself or have someone manage the process for you this is a news medium you should definitely take advantage of!

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