Most of us understand that many product's benefits are often over stated in any sort of advertising be it on television, in a magazine or on the Internet. When we make a purchase we like to make an informed decision so that we know exactly what we are spending our hard earned cash on. When it comes to such items as a car we can take a look at the manufacturers specifications, we can study reviews, ask friends and family for their views and we can even go on a test drive. We also understand that the amazing transformers are simply a marketing ploy and it is representative of the technology. When it comes to such things as skin care it is far more difficult to gain such information and this can be true for even the most popular treatments such as microdermabrasion.

Why is it that so many of us look at before and after photographs of microdermabrasion and other skin care treatments and say to ourselves how wonderful and then make more enquiries about having the procedure? It is as though we take such evidence in the same way we interpret manufacturers specs, taking these images as a fair representation of what we should expect from a few sessions.

Why is it that so few of us take the time to ask friends, relatives and colleagues about their possible experiences of microdermabrasion or of a particular clinic or beauty salon? Even more surprising is the number of folk who even fail to look for reviews or recommendations, instead, preferring to accept only the advertising material. Even stranger is the fact that we are often talking about our face, possible the most important thing that is dear to all of us and what often defines us as a person. Surely we should spend the time understanding microdermabrasion and it's many benefits before we decide to have a block of sessions and, furthermore, spend at least some time investigating the people who will be performing it?

While it is true that clinical trials and tests have proven that microdermabrasion can vastly decrease the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce open pores, reduce or remove mild acne scars, improve acne and help in the fight against it, remove or reduce blemishes, discoloration and other minor defects it is also true that the treatment is not as effective for some people as it is with others.

There are many different skin types, such as greasy skin and dry skin, some skin is young while some is old, some skin is sun damaged while others have protected themselves or avoided over exposure to the sun. In fact there are a great many more factors which can make our skin different to another person's and microdermabrasion will perform differently on all. Younger skin which has been well cared for is likely to show a greater improvement when compared to much older, and damaged, skin, especially if the person leads a healthy lifestyle and usually avoids illness or recovers from it quickly.

When we visit a cosmetic clinic or beauty salon with a view to having microdermabrasion and/or other treatments most will insist on a consultation before proceeding. During this consultation your skin will be inspected and you will be asked a number of questions to assist the consultant in understanding your skin type. The consultant should then help you to understand what would be best for you and what you should expect to gain from a course of treatments. They will offer all kinds of advice which you should carefully note. Do not, under any circumstances hold anything back from your consultant. Although microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin care treatment it is still considered cosmetic surgery and many, many facts need to be considered by the cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic technician or beautician before they treat you.

Microdermabrasion is an incredible treatment capable of astounding results, some have described the benefits as miraculous but I would say that, while being one of the best skin care treatments available, it is not really capable of producing miracles. If you have seriously deep wrinkles with lots of excess skin it would be far more advisable to have a face lift or some other, far more drastic, treatment. If you have serious acne scars you will benefit greatly from the treatment, many lighter scars will be removed while others will be made far less visible but it is also likely that deeper and larger scars may only be improved slightly. Overall the results should be fantastic but understanding the limitations of the treatment and it's likely effect upon your skin will help you avoid disappointments.

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