Each of us was born with a unique purpose in life. Along the road to becoming, though we may stumble and fall, the quest for true meaning guides us.

Today, we are entering a period of intense transformation from a world that is off purpose, to a world that is (or soon will be) back on course. It will take every striving individual to eliminate both fear and doubt in order to stay on track and birth this New Era.

In the esoteric tradition, fear and doubt are known as glamours. Glamour is all the emotions residing in the astral plane; the fearful, jealous and hateful feelings with which we stir up our world.

Its close cousin is maya. Maya is all the illusion you hold on the mental plane; the critical, egotistic and selfish thoughts by which we pollute our homes and communities.

As long as glamour and maya rule your life, your true purpose will remain unfulfilled. But there is hope.

Because in reality, your Purpose already exists. But first you must learn how to labor, then develop skills, goals, and a plan and then strive toward the Purpose. Often people want to reach the summit before they develop skills.

Someone once told me, "You have to walk before you can run." I didn't like this unasked for advice but, looking back, I realized that I needed to develop muscles (skills) in order to reach my goals and to create a plan for my life.

Some confuse the means or the process to be an end in itself. Working to make money is not your Purpose, for example. Work is what we do on the way to Becoming. With a false purpose you eventually reach a dead-end street. I think this is at the root of why so many people hit a wall once they’ve achieved certain goals and begin to question their choices.

A purposeless life is a confused life. In a family unit, if everyone is allowed to do their own thing, the family degenerates. If they don't work together, play together, plan together, they are like an instrument out of tune. When a parent gives a child a goal, he helps to integrate that child to a larger purpose, even if is only to clean his room. A synchronized family is a harmonious family.

And that's how we begin to transform the world, one action at a time, one thought at a time.

Author's Bio: 

Nicolette Beard has sought the deeper meaning of life from a young age. By day she is a Web Marketing Consultant. By night, she strives to broaden the consciousness of humanity. The Search for Meaning Web site is an avenue for those who strive to discover their Soul purpose and want to gain deeper insight about their true Self.