A vision is a company thought process that not only defines the company’s goals it brings to life the mission and desired success of each individual. A vision is a powerful creation that pulls people forward and brings energy to the mundane. A vision is always asking what’s next, what resources do we need, and how are we doing? It never sleeps, never takes your team off course and always leads with integrity. As a Business Coach it often surprises me just how many companies do not have a vision. Sure they may know the numbers and the budget but what does that mean to your receptionist or the friendly man who empties the trash can? A Vision is built with the entire team in mind leading to synergy, shared goals, and a sense of purpose.

A Vision Creates Unity Consciousness

Isn’t this what every sector in our world needs? A shared vision with shared values and open communication. When each person on your team absolutely understands the goals and mission of your company, each person then becomes responsible to carry out that mission. Together each individual not only works for his personal goals, he shows up for the good of the group. When each person knows that they are a valuable piece of the puzzle, a new consciousness arises, companionship is developed, relationships are enhanced, and fear and competition begins to subside.

A Vision Reduces Negativity

A vision is based on the positive outcome of all involved within the company from the “bottom” to the “top”. A vision is large enough to hold the ideals of each individual and clear enough to communicate the vital importance of each member on the team. Respect for the individual equals dynamic involvement for the team. When each person on the team knows that they are a key player their engagement expands and a new zest for duty emerges.

It Is Easier To Manage When A Company Has A Vision

We have all been crisis managers in our lives or have worked for one. Crisis manager’s focus on “What’s going wrong right now” and everything is urgent. When a team works in this type of environment everything is a priority, things fall down the cracks, and nothing of great importance is completed. People go home tired and stressed. In crisis mode the day seems to fly by as time slips out of control, deadlines approach, and the customers breathe down our neck. Time has become the enemy, negativity rears its ugly head, and conversations turn to whose crisis is bigger, whose customer was angrier or how much overtime was worked. A vision puts the breaks on time, puts the goals back into perspective and details priorities. Out of vision systems are born and order begins to rule the day. Managers become solutions focused and each person gets to go home with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

A Vision Gets A Buy In

A vision gets a buy in from your employees. When creating a company vision, leaders make sure each employee is involved. It is a creative bonding process where each person’s voice has a chance to be heard. Through this team activity each member has a buy in through the creative process itself. A buy in lets each person discover what’s in it for them and through this knowledge your employee will bring a new energy to work for themselves, the team, and you.

A Vision Promises Accountability

Since the entire team is involved in creating the vision. Each person is also accountable to bring that vision into manifestation. Not only does the team move together in one direction they partner with each other to make sure each person is doing their part, walking the walk and talking the talk

A Vision Automatically Forwards The Action

There are no question in anyone’s mind to where the company is heading and what each person’s responsibility is to ensure the company success. The vision pulls the team forward calling each person to dig deep into their personal power and potential to bring forth what is expected. Solutions are easily found when we know the outcome we are seeking. What is working is obvious and what is not working sticks lout like a sore thumb needing only an adjustment or an alignment towards the goals declared.

Shared Visions Equal Higher Expectations

Every leader has expectations and most to the time these expectations are not communicated directly to the team leaving the leader frustrated and alone. Through sharing a vision, expectations are not only communicated they are valued, acknowledged, and validated. The leader now only needs to remind the individual of the expectations since a buy in was approved by the team.

Fun – a vision get out of bed in the morning

A vision gets each and every team member out of bed in the morning. A sense of purpose and accomplishment ring to a deeper level and the experience of belonging to something bigger is exciting. Each person knows that the company cares and is clear on what is expected of them. Fear of failure begins to diminish when communication opens. Knowing what is expected and sharing a successful future with others bonds people together and proves that people do more for others than they would do on their own. A shared sense of responsibly, community, and family is the real success of having a vision.

True drive comes from pure vision. Pure love comes form unity. Real success comes from teamwork. What is your vision?

Author's Bio: 

Kerri Myers, Certified Business and Life Coach, is President of iPotential Empowerment Coaching located in Weston Florida. 954-384-8847