Fragrance is more than just smelling good. Scents are more than aesthetic. They enhance your health and well being. Here are 4 such fragrances to look out for.

1. Lavender

During the plague, lavender flowers were worn to keep the germs away. One might brush that off as superstition, but in reality, lavender does have antibacterial properties. It was shown to have some antibacterial activity against e coli. When tubercolosis plagued France, those who worked in lavender fields, who inhaled the scent of lavender, were less likely to succumb to tubercolosis. Lavender fragrance, (the real thing) is a healthy scent that protects one, to some extent from disease-causing bacteria.

Lavender is antiviral too. It contains Beta-Caryophyllene which displays antiviral properties.

One way to make use of this is to enjoy the scent of lavender in your home through lavender room sprays. You can enjoy the clean, sweet scent of lavender in bath and body products perfumed with lavender to improve your over wellbeing. A bonus is lavender's well known effect on helping one relax and to drain the stress away.

2. Rose
Rose is popular in so many womens perfumes for its exquisite floral scent. Did you know it has antiviral properties too? It contains Citronellol which is antiviral. Actually, rose oil has so many components, not all of them have been identified in the lab yet. Rose is a relaxing fragrance that is feminine and which is associated with romance. Actually, it is regarded as an aphrodisiac to set the mood for romance. It also eases depression and soothes irritability. Basically, the scent of rose can enhance a person's well being.
Scents help in total wellness.
3. Lemon
Lemon is antibacterial. That is why you see it in so many cleaning products. It smells fresh and clean. On top of that, the scent of lemon stimulates white blood cells to fight off infections, thereby boosting your immune system.
4. Neroli
Neroli a sister of bergamot, coming from the flower instead of fruit of the bitter orange tree, is one of the most highly prized scents in perfumery. It is one of the costliest. It relaxes and calms a person and promotes a sense of confidence.
So spritz on your favourite perfume. It would do you good.

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