Our government, our companies and our institutions are all in states of disarray. Is this because We The People didn't ask the right questions?

President Barak Obama will sign the $787 billion economic stimulus package today calling it "a major milestone on our road to recovery." The public, however, is still skeptical. On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, Norman Bouchard will address the public at Mile Hi Church, 9077 W. Alameda Ave, Lakewood, Colorado, 80226, to teach the courage to ask the right questions.

The year 2008 was a shock. Financial institutions crumbled. Trillions of dollars were lost. Companies came to the government, hat in hand, to ask for a loan to keep their doors open. The people who count on these institutions for their nest-egg, health insurance and livelihood have no recourse. The myriad of answers we have received from our elected officials and financial institutions have shifted and remaine incomplete.

"Do you have the courage to ask the right question? Are you ready for the answer?" asks Norm Bouchard. "The right question has the power to change everything."

Sought after for his humor and wisdom, international speaker and counselor Norman Bouchard inspires people to closely examine their assumptions and transform their perceptions. In doing so, they will be open to a new awareness of who they are and what they are meant to be. Norman is the author of "29 Questions for the Ordinary Life; Revealing the Profound Amidst the Ordinary." www.NormanBouchard.com

"Only a few books touch me at a variety of levels: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and the heart. Here's one I enthusiastically recommend: Norman Bouchard's 29 Questions for the Ordinary Life. Reading this book, I was equally entertained, inspired and challenged. I laughed, sighed, wiped away tears, and then rededicated myself to exploring life beyond all my pat answers. This powerful collection of essays teaches us that a question can open up universes of possibilities. Really great questions can transform our lives--if we have the courage to keep asking and engaging them. Read this book, and then share it with family and friends! Join the growing tide of realization that it is our questions--even more than our answers--that will set us free." Dr. Roger W. Teel, Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader, Mile Hi Church. www.milehichurch.org

"29 Questions for Ordinary Life will serve to inspire, enlighten and encourage you to create a life that is extraordinary, Norm Bouchard's words and wisdom serve as a guide, friend and Spirited-cheerleader-reminding us all to live with passion, compassion and unwavering belief in God, yourself and the unlimited possibilities within us all." Dr. James Rouse, Creator and Founder of Optimum Wellness Media. www.optimumwellness.com

Author's Bio: 

A much sought after international author, educator, and motivational speaker, Norm Bouchard is a lifestyle humorist. He is entertaining and informative, using the human condition as the focus of his message. His teaching style enables people to closely examine their assumptions about what they think they know about themselves. His unique blend of humor, story telling and music brings an intensity of feeling to the audience that implants a clear message that changes lives and thinking patterns. Norm has a talent for revealing essential truths common to each us and integrating the values we have with the values and dreams we hope to encompass in our lives. A supreme storyteller, singer, speaker and visionary, Norm has the ability to reach within his audience to touch their hearts and change their lives.

Norm also teaches for the Society of Certified Senior Advisors as part of their International Faculty.