For decades parents have searched for tools to involve their children in the learning process at the earliest possible stage of development. Finding books that capture the interest of the child has been the goal of most publishers and the method used was usually brightly colored illustrations, odd shaped books and oversized type. These books achieve their goal of attracting attention but usually not over a long period of time.

Suddenly 21st century technology has stepped in. Many parents have already discovered the interest their children have in "Press & Play" books that provide sounds or music, so my discovery of THE FIRST "Press & Play" talking bible storybook is well timed. This technology will obviously lead to more talking books for the preschool child market.

This first talking bible storybook was created by Pamela Fischer, a California house wife who said the idea came to her in a dream. She shared that dream with her teenage daughter Jenny, an art student and the idea became a reality.

Pamela is so dedicated to her dream that the majority of proceeds from the sale of her book will go to Christian charities.

The talking book concept helps young children grasp key concepts by being exposed to pictures and listening to the stories at the same time. When the child selects the story they wish to hear and presses the corresponding icon button the story is read to them in a gentle voice. Such a book can be a great asset on those long car trips and perfect for the usual bedtime ritual.

This first talking Bible storybook has been praised by Methodist, Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic clergy in California.

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