Problems can kill you! In fact, problems are what life itself is about; and to live is to solve problems. Problems affect everyone; therefore, regardless of your other interests in life you will be interested in understanding your problems and how to solve them.

Your ability to solve problems can be the difference between life and death. The more problems you have the more stress you will experience; and the better able you are of solving your problems the happier you will be.

Empowerment derives from your ability to handle your own problems; wisdom derives from your ability to know when you must seek help. Yet getting help is not usually free; therefore you will be constrained by how much you are able to pay. Solving your own problems is the cheapest route you can follow, though it is not always the wisest.

In this article we discuss some of the daily problems that can make your life a hell. They include:

Education. You are intoxicated by educational or learning problems. You attend classes, yet you cannot follow lessons. You follow lessons, yet you get stuck in your homework and end up failing your exams. You read your textbooks, yet you learn nothing out of your efforts. You need help badly, yet you must first learn to help yourself.

Employment. You are out of work, and are having serious problems finding work. You are inexperienced, yet every opportunity you find wants experience. You have experience, but your experience is outdated. You are in work, yet you are not happy. You feel you are not getting what you deserve. You want to leave your job for better pastures, but finding another job is not straightforward. You get interests from employers, yet you never get an offer. You probably are asking for too much for your set of skills.

Finance. You are broke all the time, even though you are making a decent income. You work long hours a day just to make ends meet. You can't even find time to spend with your family. Your daily exertions throughout the year, without holidays, are taking their toll. You take it out on your family, and your marriage is on the rocks. Life gets harder and harder as inflation takes its toll, with everything becoming more expensive by the year. Yet your income does not rise at the same rate. At the same time you see your bosses take all the profits of your company.

These are only a modicum of the variety of problems that can frustrate your life, give you mental illness, or massacre your physical energy. To find out what the other problems are, and how you can crush them to recover your life energy and achieve happiness, you must follow the links in the next section/paragraph.

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