Have you ever realized that you have the power to get anything you want and be anything you want to be? If you’re still clueless about your abilities, continue reading and learn about the success secrets of the world’s greatest self-improvement superheroes.

In a land full of potentials, powerful superheroes live in happiness and fulfillment. But they’re not just ordinary superheroes; they belong to the highest breed of the self-improvement clan. They possess the superhuman ability to get anything they want. This article serves as an introduction to these self-improvement superheroes, so below, let us meet them and discover their success secrets.


These superheroes are able to acquire any quality or ability they desire. They even have the power to instill or “assign” qualities to others, hence contributing to the immense buildup of confidence and happiness.

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They use other names perceived to be superior. If they want to encourage someone to write better, they might say, “You’re a great writer, Ernest Hemingway. I believe you can always surpass your previous articles.”

By assigning the name Ernest Hemingway to the writer, they implant within him, in a subconscious manner, the writing prowess of Hemingway. On the other hand, the writer will try his best to live up to everyone’s expectations that he, indeed, possesses the ability of Hemingway.

They also do the bizarre yet highly powerful practice of putting someone else’s head into their heads, at least in their minds. If they want to be as intelligent as Einstein, they go to a quiet place where they can relax and concentrate. Then they imagine wearing Einstein’s head over them. They absorb his aura, and surprisingly, they will begin to think, act, and feel like Einstein.

Goal Masters

Goal masters are positively mad scientists who meticulously prepare well-laid plans and goals that allow them to conquer their futures.

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They write down their goals and break them into tiny, bite-sized chunks. They know the importance of doing it step by step, little by little, to get to their destination. They have the power of flexibility—no, not the power of elasticity, but the power to adjust to the circumstances, prepare new goals, and continue pursuing them bit by bit. They are master motivators, with the discipline to stick to their objectives. They enjoy the journey in the attainment of their goals.
Goal masters know their limits. They know that if their goals are irrational, they will get results that will further prevent them from attaining their objectives. For example, if they set a goal to make a million dollars in a month (unless they are one of those financial geniuses), their subconscious will command them to sacrifice sleep, ignore stress, work endlessly, and so on. And when they actually do what their subconscious minds tell them, they will fail, get frustrated, and give up, thinking that nothing works, no matter how hard they try.

Therefore goal masters set their goals to achievable mode. Their goals can be difficult to achieve, but they make sure they are possible to attain. Instead of the above scenario, they set something like earning $20,000 a month. After they achieve that feat, they set a higher goal of, say, $40,000 a month. They know the value of patience and working systematically.

Hocus Focus

These magicians can tackle any task at lightning-fast speeds and with laser-like accuracy.

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They focus their energies on one thing at a time and give it all they got. All their attention is concentrated on the particular task at hand. They are able to endure and withstand outside distractions because they have developed the discipline, willpower, and determination to continue pushing until their purposes have been accomplished.

Time Commanders

These superheroes are able to make time submit to their will. They have the power to summon all the time in the world to do whatever they please.
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They are extremely organized in everything that they do. They put labels on bottles, place similar files in one folder, and prepare in advance a list of things they have to do for the next day.
They can also use their minds to organize things they have to remember. Studies have shown that people can only retain information that fits between five and nine categories at a time. This is the 7 ± 2 rule of neurolinguistic programming.

Time commanders are aware of this rule; hence they have devised a strategy known as “categorization.” If they have many things to do, they group related tasks together. They combine activities such as reading books, listening to educational tapes, and watching training videos into a category like “education.” They group swimming, playing basketball, and paying fees for the gym into a category called “fitness.” They do this for all their other tasks.

Their greatest strategy is known as “delegation.” They know the incomparable power of leverage. They delegate trivial and repetitive tasks to other people who can do them satisfactorily so that they can concentrate on becoming more productive with their most valued possession—time.


The visualizers can bring into reality anything that their powerful minds can conceive.

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Every day, they keenly visualize what they want to become or what they want to achieve. They envisage the events so clearly that they can actually feel and experience the happiness, excitement, and other strong emotions accompanied by their visualizations. The Universe interprets the pictures unleashed by their subconscious minds and transforms them into reality.


These superheroes use the power of words to get anything they like and be anything they want to be.
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They loudly chant the mantras of success (known as affirmations) every day with passion and the belief that they are already getting and experiencing what they are chanting. They do not say “I will be a great doctor” or whatever they want to be. They say “I am the greatest doctor in the world.” And they believe it with all their hearts; that is why they succeed.

Abundance Attractors

They attract fortunes, luck, blessings, or the so-called good things in life.

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They cut off any negative thoughts or problems from their minds and count their blessings. They thank God, the Universe, and people around them for all the wonderful things they are receiving, have received, and will be receiving.

By doing this, they are acknowledging that they are indeed blessed and flowing with abundance. And by showing gratitude and giving thanks, they are befriending the Universe to give them more.

They give generously. If they want more money, they give money to those who need it more. If they want to have lots of friends, they become trusted friends to everyone they meet.

But they do not expect anything in return. They give because they want to and because it makes them happy, not because they have a hidden agenda in mind.

They also know how to receive gratefully, aside from being great givers. If someone compliments them, they do not say “no, I’m not that good.” Instead, they say “thank you.” By being grateful and appreciative of those who have given something to them, they are attracting more blessings and abundance into their lives.

Attitude Shifters

They remain positive and composed, despite all obstacles and challenges.

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They never allow any negative thoughts to enter their minds. Whenever something negative tries to evade their minds, they just quickly shift their thoughts to something positive.

And the most powerful of them all . . .


You have the combined powers of all of the above superheroes and can do anything!

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As long as you apply the success secrets above, you are invincible and unstoppable in anything that you do.

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