At my bedside I have a small plaque given to me by my daughters that reads, “Parents give their children two things, one is roots, THE OTHER WINGS.”

We have just returned home from a two week vacation at our cottage. It was a glorious time with family gatherings, beautiful summer weather woven with the intimacy with time that gave us the peaceful rhythm of inner reflection.

I have known for many years that the process of letting go of our children has strengthened our relationship and sometimes stretched us on many levels.

Each of our daughters is experiencing themselves with new independence and gratitude. I am humbled by their wisdom and inspired by their zest for life. We have witnessed, as we sit on the sidelines as a safety net, believing in them and trying to inspire for each one the connection to their own power within. Sometimes we are not perfect as we react from fear and try to fix or try to save them.

Bruce and I work very hard at keeping communication with our girls open and safe.

It has been hard to continue to let go and allow them their own opportunities to go wherever they need to go to become all that they are… to get to know the truth that they are awesome and worth all of their desires.

Each day Bruce and I share how proud we are of them.

Early summer a very peaceful morning dove made a nest at the entrance of our home. She sat patiently each day on her two precious eggs. While we were on our vacation the two baby doves were born. I arrived home yesterday to see them sitting so quietly as their mother brought food to them all day.

Last evening, excitedly I invited Bruce’s parents and Bruce and I out to gaze at these two baby doves. Within moments of Mom saying, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see them fly for the first time,” Dad took a picture and the doves flew together strong and magnificent.

We all felt the awesome moment as they left the nest and our hearts felt the emotions of letting go. “Will they be safe, are they okay?” as we followed them on the roof tops and embraced the joy of their flight.

Within 10 minutes of this event, the phone rang; it was our daughters on a three way telephone call. Lindsay in Kitchener and Lauren in Banff. I know that the birds were a symbol of our continual letting go of our children. When I told the girls about the doves, at the same time, they said, “Mom, the doves are us,” and I felt my heart so full knowing that I have let them go again… on a deeper level… to fly.

Letting go of all attachments creates the feeling of peace. This peace is where we live free and can inspire others the experience of finding a peaceful connection within.

World peace can become a reality if each of us can live in peace.
Peace creates a future without fear.
Let Go and Become the Peace Keeper.

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Everyone desires peace… The Inner Workout™ is the bridge to take you from A to BE.

Colleen Hoffman Smith is a Toronto based author, facilitator and developer of The Inner Workout™ Program which she created as her emotional support system that transformed every aspect of her life. She has been sharing this powerful life practice for over 15 years empowering others to experience a life of unconditional love and peace that comes with emotional freedom.

She has inspired many to take care of their emotional body in a healthy way, so that they live their lives through an open and compassionate heart, connected to all that they are. This process helps you to BE the essence of love, peace, consciousness and oneness in the world; a purpose shared by her triplet sisters.

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