Yesterday we visited the Bubbling Pool on the windward side of Jost Van Dyke, in the BVI. The Bubbling Pool is a natural rock formation along the coastline that creates the best Jacuzzi one could ever imagine. Add winter weather with northern swells and high tide, and we were set for an amazing experience.

The coastline breaks just enough to allow the full force of the water to come in through a sluice-like opening, that creates a very concentrated, very powerful blast of water. The resulting effect is like being a t-shirt inside of a washing machine; constantly pounded with bubbles, waves and getting tossed about during the wash cycle.

The force of the waves sent the bubbles to the bottom of the pool, where they would stir up the sand and quickly rise to the surface bubbling up over our bodies. It was like each new wave dropped a huge Alka Seltzer tablet into our little pool.

Some waves were small and wimpy. Others were powerful forces to be reckoned with that would pick us up and sweep us to the shore. Sometimes we had a lull between the waves when the world appeared to be calm, and this little cove was our idyllic, pristine hideaway. And then just as quick as that thought appeared, it was washed away with the pounding of another huge wave and our world was once again covered with foam.

Each new big wave brought nutrients for the sea critters in the pool, a profusion of oxygen in the form of effervescent bubbles tickling our bodies, and an abundance of sand dumped into places where sand just shouldn’t be.

I was reminded of the incredible force of Nature in that pool. And just like life, the pool and the waves taught me lessons. If I tried to run away from the waves I got clobbered. Darryl’s method was to just face the wave, lean forward and duck his head under at the last moment, allowing the wave to peacefully pass over his back. I tried to jump higher than the wave, keeping my head above water, but that didn’t always work.

I could always head to shore, out of the deeper water and away from the strongest point of the waves, but what’s the point of being in the pools if I don’t want to participate in the fullness of life? I chose to experience this full out.

I found that if I didn’t have my feet placed firmly into the sand, I was carried away with the latest wave. I learned to stand in one particular spot where I could let go of all resistance and ride the wave to the beach without hitting the surrounding rocks on either side.

Just as in life, if our feet are placed securely and we are ready with a plan, we have a much better chance of not just being pounded and swept away with the current. By standing our ground regardless of the size of the next wave, we learn to embrace the wave, marvel at the power and force of the water, laugh as we are covered with bubbles and foam and wait with great excitement and anticipation for the next big wave.

So the next time I expect life to be calm and tranquil and I’m hit by a metaphorical wave, I’m just going to close my eyes, smile and be transported back to the Bubbling Pools. I have a choice. I’m going to go with the flow, embrace the excitement and remember to look for the bubbles. For when there’s a wave that wipes you out, there will always be bubbles to make you laugh if you just get back up and look for them.

Nature always has a way of teaching us what we need to learn, if only we take the time to listen.

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