1. Don’t be honest
“Honesty is such a lonely word-everyone is so untrue.” Words from Billy Joel’s song titled “Honesty,” tells of what really is true for many. It seems easier to lie to keep peace or to hide being real with another person to avoid getting hurt. Be careful not to assume everyone is dishonest-you might miss the one who is honest!

2. Don’t trust
Trust is a huge challenge for many people. Because of people being burned by dishonesty in the past, they are less likely to trust in the future. Pick a different place or way of finding others to date-that is where you might find true love.

3. Keep them guessing
What would dating be if you didn’t play games? You have to ask yourself what the purpose of playing those games are if you are interested in finding someone special.

4. Rely on the other person for your happiness
“Needy” people expect others to make them happy. “If I just had her in my life, I’d feel great about myself,” or “I’m having a bad day-I know he can cheer me up.” If you idolize someone else (perhaps he or she possesses some characteristics you wish for), then you have erased yourself from the equation. Understand who you are first-that way you’ll have a lot more to offer to a relationship. You’ll also see that relationship flourish instead of implode.

5. Expect the other person to change
Pointing the finger at the other person and what he or she is not doing will certainly kill a relationship. You might need to consider that you’re not perfect either. Look for things he or she does right. The relationships that have ‘staying power’ are the ones where each person is willing to accept the other for who they are, and help each other to mutually grow and change.

Relationships really are a two-way street. They aren’t meant to meet your needs alone-there is another person involved. Take the time to know yourself and what makes you confident so you can help the other person be their best as well!

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Lynn Jarrett, “The Life Balance Chick,” has helped thousands of people through her speaking and coaching programs to bounce back from setbacks and create lives that soar!
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