The secret to being a Divine essence and recognizing your own Divinity is in the practice of seeing the Divine in all things. There is no difference between the sacredness of a tree and the sacredness of a child. There is no difference in the sanctity of a stone and the sanctity of a leaf. There is no difference in the Divinity of a person and the Divinity of the air. All is sacred and Divine.

While these words seem to echo of old teachings, they are indeed ever new. A true teaching traverses time. A true teaching is always true. It does not waver in the social climate or because new technology is present. It is not merely true in the abstract, where most people can agree. It is profoundly true in the deeply personal moments of life.

To experience this wisdom, one must open to the small moments of life and breathe them. This is where the Divine reveals itself. This is where the profound unveils its magic. Each moment of your life can expose you to the brilliance of being.

The sacred is everywhere. You may be attuned to experiencing it in special ways, but it is not the objective experience that reveals the sacred. It is the inner moment that touches the Divine. You may feel the greatness of Spirit in nature, when the majesty of a perfect New Mexico sky exceeds your own vision. You may feel the wonders of Spirit when you smell the fragrance of a rose, shining in the full summer sun. You may understand the Oneness of all humanity when you celebrate special holidays with your loved ones.

Yet, you experience that Divinity in the sanctity of the moment. It is not the sky, the rose or the holiday. It is in the moment, when you allow your eyes to open and your hearts to smile at the truth of it all. This is a marvel. It means that you are never far from recognizing and breathing in the Divine. Every moment is an opportunity for awakening into joy. Each petal of a flower, every phrase of music, each person in the supermarket is an opportunity for seeing and knowing the Goddess, the Divine, the All.

Life is moments, revealing wonders in an endless display of delight. Cherish the moments and life will expand within you.

May your moments surround and fill you.

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Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit

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