“What is the solution for the suffering of man?”


“The suffering of man will only be solved by a spiritual revolution, for nothing will change until the heart of man is changed.” (excerpt from the book “The Religion of Love“)

When I was in high school, I started to see more and more the suffering of this world. It’s corruption, it’s wars, it’s poverty, it’s injustice… and great was my suffering in seeing all this that I grew the strong desire to help the world; to do whatever I could on my part to make this world a better place. I volunteered here and there, helping the poor, helping the environment… but it just never seemed like I was doing enough good. Later I even became a political activist, thinking if I could change things at the top of society, in government, then good changes would trickle down to all spheres; that there would be no wars, no hunger, no mass pollution… but still I was frustrated in my desires to do good, for without a good guide I did not know the real root of the suffering and evil in the world, nor the tools to combat it. I thought my enemies were poverty, corrupt politicians, war mongers and industrial oligarchies… But in The Religion of Love, The Teachings of Mother Rytasha, I learned that ignorance is the enemy I sought.

We are eternal spirit souls, beloved Lovers- Servants of God. But now, in illusion, we are as the sun when covered by cloud, and so do not experience our true state of perfection. By ignorance ( forgetfulness) of who we truly are, and by thus thinking we are these bodies, we’ve been relating everything and everyone to these bodies, and have been seeking happiness by trying to satisfy the senses of the body. And so forgetting that we are spirit souls, all brothers and sisters, servants of the one God, we are committing so much atrocities to one another, in vain trying to quench our insatiable material senses by acquiring some limited, and temporary material gain (and most often at the expense and suffering of ourselves and others). So the root cause of all the evil in the world, the reason people act causing unnecessary suffering, is because of the ignorance that blinds us to our true, spiritual reality.

A Spiritual Revolution is the only solution to the suffering of man. The meaning of the word revolution, is to: revolve. So in the past I thought we needed something new, some new government, or new system… but rather what is truly needed is for us to revolve, to return to our natural, spiritual consciousness, by the cleansing practices of religion (re-ligio: to re-link to God).

Having understood then, the real problem of the world, and now having the tools to uproot it, I then became overwhelmed, thinking, “how can I change everybody to live a spiritual life?” for I learned from Mother Rytasha that we can not control or change anyone, only ourselves. But by the grace of Mother Rytasha I learnt that If I just bring myself again to Love, to work on myself, to live in the present and return to my natural state, then that is the greatest help I can do for myself, and for everyone. For in Loving God, you are as the lamp lit.

The light is not meant only to illuminate the lamp, but all that surrounds it (from “The Religion of Love: The Book of Wisdom“.) Through becoming again the devotee of God, by igniting A Spiritual Revolution in the heart and taking to The Path Made Straight, the path by which one may come again to God, we may become the pale moon to God’s great sun, and reflect His Love in the world.

By cleansing ourselves of all ignorance, and surrendering ourselves to God, we may become as clear vessels for God’s Mercy to flow through and so inspire those living in this world to begin A Spiritual Revolution in their own hearts. And so I’ve learnt, that I cannot change the world to Love and peace, but I can change my world to Love and peace… and that is what will cause the greatest good in the world.

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Hassan Ali is a disciple of Mother Rytasha, The Angel of Bengal. His life is devoted to practicing and preaching The Religion of Love - the one message of 'Love of God' inherent in all religions given by God. The cornerstone of his practice is The Chanting of The Holy Names of God. Hassan Ali travels the world distributing the books of The Religion of Love, and as a volunteer Chairman of "The Servants of Charity-Food Relief International", producing "Children's Programs" and projects for 'the poorest of the poor'. You can see pictures and watch videos of Hassan Ali and other disciples of Mother Rytasha, as well as download all books of The Religion of Love, at