This is an analogy that helped me understand the difference between focusing on something and allowing it, and focusing on something and keeping it out.

I've found that often, if you want something REALLY badly, the way to get it, is to take your focus off it for a while, and then it will come to you -Automatically.

I know that sounds wonky - and the opposite to what we think we need to do, but here's why I'm suggesting it: When we desperately want something, we tend to grab onto it and not want to let go, no matter what. This can actually block whatever it is we're holding on to - because the governing underlying vibration in this case, is Fear. Fear of losing whatever it is we're holding on to. And it is our Vibration that creates and attracts. If our vibration is Fear of not getting what we want, that is of course, exactly what we're creating.

Everything (EVERYTHING!) you want is waiting for you just the other side of a pair of sliding doors. And it's just waiting for those doors to slide open so that it can be allowed in.

It is ONLY our vibration that creates and attracts. And low vibrations - like fear, longing, wishing, worry, and so on - keep those doors tightly shut. High vibrations, like love, trust and joy, slide the doors open.

As we feel these high vibrations, the doors start sliding open, and if we continue with the high vibrations, the doors continue to slide open, and then open wide enough to start letting in the stuff we want that's waiting just there. When our vibration changes to low, the doors start to slide closed again, so the opening isn't wide enough for the stuff to start coming into our life.

Now, the important thing to know is that the stuff we want is ALWAYS just there - just the other side of those doors. It doesn't pass by, it doesn't go away. It stays right there, waiting for the doors to open wide enough for it to come through, because it is magnetically held there simply by the fact that we want it! So as soon as we raise our vibrations again, and those doors start sliding open again, it's still there waiting.

By taking your focus off the thing you've been hanging on to trying really hard to manifest, and by focusing only on what feels good, you will start opening those doors, and the more you do this, the more the doors will open. Once the opening is wide enough, the stuff you want will Automatically come through it, and into your life!

The "big" you (higher self/expanded self/ God/ the Universe) already knows what you want - from the instant you wanted it (and possibly even before you knew you wanted it) So it is already there - just the other side of those doors. All you have to do is allow the doors to open with your vibration.

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Odille is the author of the e-books “The Magic Pill” and “The Second Dose”, which have helped hundreds of people to change their lives by changing their perspective, in a free, simple and effective way. Using the thinking behind “The Magic Pill” as a basis, Odille has provided one-to-one coaching, as well as extensive forum coaching, on a wide variety of issues.