The Power of Desire

Desire can be a somewhat nebulous concept – it is, after all, a topic about which others sometimes respond to unfavorably, and over the course of time, we begin to hide these feelings from all the negative responses we receive – frequently to the point at which we tend to hide those desires even from ourselves. We cannot, however, propel ourselves forward without it!

Think about it this way: You are in pursuit of an important goal and you run full tilt right up to the edge of an imaginary cliff with every intention of taking that next big leap. At the last moment you make an assessment of how large that leap really will be and you come to a sliding halt, looking fearfully at what lies before you. What in essence has occurred is the loss of the kind of desire that would naturally compel you to the kind of forward motion or action necessary to achieve a desired result. Once you have allowed that kind of disconnect from an integral sense of desire to occur –– you are driven by less empowering forces… forces which may be recognized as need or obligation… forces from you can no longer experience the same compelling motion.

Look around you and watch people, being intuitive to those who set goals, year after year, month after month, and continue to fail to achieve them. What do you think is really the difference between this person and one who seems always to get exactly what they want in life? Desire! You may argue that, “I did set goals and had a strong desire and still didn’t accomplish what I wanted.” If you are open to being fully honest with your self, I know you would agree that somewhere along the line… your desire ran short of taking you the full course!

I liken the empowerment of desire – truly intense desire – to that of a rocket fuel that is so powerful it provides a release of energy that can simply boggle the human mind. If you are looking at how you can recognize the intensity of your own desire, think about how you would replace desire with “passion.” When you have that truly intense desire you are connected to your goal 24/7… you are up early and staying awake far into the night, with an absolute compelling desire to stay actively engaged in moving yourself from point A to point B. What do you think inspired Woopi Goldberg to move beyond ugly, impossible life circumstances to become an accomplished actress? She found the empowerment of allowing her intense desire to dominate her every conversation, thought and action.

How do we tap into that power?

We accept that it begins in the mind, and take control of the patterns and tracks that we form in our thinking processes. We draw on the knowledge that as we consistently think the same thought over and over again, it actually becomes a habit – forming a track in our minds. Alternatively, if we just think the thought occasionally – it appears to simply pass through our minds, easily forgotten. I liken this to the cattle trails that were formed in the fields around my childhood home. When the cattle took the same trail day after day, a path was formed and became a deeper trench with the passing of time. However, when they simply wandered about, we could barely see they had crossed the field. Seek to create those deep ridges by staying on track with your desires, and don’t allow them to be forgotten in your everyday walk through life.

Your primary responsibility is to keep that desire burning with the kind of passion that breathes life and vibrancy… with the kind of emotions and expressions that allows you to see and feel the details which serve to further intensify your yearning.

Author's Bio: 

Anna Weber, a Small Business Strategist Coach, serves not only her Arizona community, but has served on faculty for Small Business University, 24-7 Coaching and Deborah Robinson’s televised Visionary program, working with clients on an international level.

She holds a double major in management and finance and a Masters in Organizational Management, is an Arizona Bar-Certified Paralegal, and is Coach Certified with CTA, a coach training organization that is noted to be in the top ten in the world and holds the International Coach Federation accreditation. Anna is also trained in the Dynamics of Human Change.

Anna facilitates coaching and business activities which shake up your thinking about how you approach your professional or business growth. The four dimensions of success promoted by Anna are the foundation for a simple process that allows her to live her mission of “Encouraging others to engage in positive, life-altering activities that provide long-term, sustainable benefit.”