When you consider retiring from your business and handing it down to someone new and young, do you get nervous? This is a very common issue with business owners who consider passing their business down to a more youthful employee. Many youthful citizens have a tendency to be rebellious and very disobedient. This isn’t something all that new, but the numbers regarding this type of behavior seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Maybe this is a sign that America’s schools aren’t quite doing their job. Maybe it’s just because the adults in children’s lives aren’t teaching them how to become responsible leaders. It is a very important thing for the youth of our nation to learn to be leaders and to start to plan for a successful future.

If we do not try to help our next generation of leaders, it could lead to disaster. There has been increasingly large numbers of young adults and this rise is projected to continue through at least the year 2015. With most of these young adults only having the attention span of a thirty second commercial and thinking that they already “know everything”, could they have a positive impact on the future workforce? Is there a way to prepare for the worst?

It is possible that if the workforce started to plan ahead for future generations of workers, started to teach, show, and even model the way for the next generation, it could build up confidence among the youth that is just entering the marketplace. By finding out more about current youth leadership research and studies and doing things like sitting down and having discussions with youth advocates, we might be able to find a way to stimulate youth leadership as well as produce a productive group of new workers.

Many young people need to have good examples to follow. Positive role models could be the key to success for when the next generation of people enter the workforce. For example, a young person sees an individual who seems to make a lot of money and appears to lead a great life. Later on, they may work to meet that goal and discover that it isn’t as great as it looked from the outside. No one took the time to lead this young person and he chose to follow. His unhappiness and disappointment in his own life may have been different if someone showed him how to lead instead of follow. It is so important for young workers to become great leaders and not followers.

Accepting young people into the workforce in order to learn all about the business they’re getting into and letting them shadow those with more experience may help. Sometimes taking an interest in an individual who may be on a dangerous path and giving him a second chance by teaching him the importance and rewards of hard work, you can have a positive impact on his life. Lead him and help him become a leader. Starting a program in your business or the business you work in to apprentice or hire some of these younger people can ultimately lead to structure in their current lives and success in their futures. You could teach them how to succeed.

If you are lucky enough and your company already has a program of that sort, you might be able to donate your time by mentoring. You might even be able to realize that it is a very important part of youth development. If the proper steps are taken, maybe this generation of youth will become a new breed of leaders that can handle the constantly changing world around them.

Author's Bio: 

Justin Sachs, author of Your Mailbox Is Full works with youth to develop a positive outlook on life, create a life plan, develop motivating goals, living a healthy lifestyle and more. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California State Superintendent Jack O’Connell, and many others have recognized him for his success in motivating and inspiring today’s youth and for developing the next generation of leaders. His book and youth empowerment coaching services are available on his website at www.justinsachsonline.com.