I have discovered a new process that involves saying “Yes” to everything.
“But what about President X’s desire to start a new war?” What about Bobby’s wish to punch out his younger brother?” “What about Danny’s hatred toward his wife?” etc. etc. etc.

Well, what about them? The answer to all of these questions is “Yes,” for that is how the universe responds to anything upon which you focus your attention.
Saying yes to everything is freeing, for it lines you up with the laws of the universe. “Yes” is what the universe says in response to all asking, to all requests. This is because the universe operates on the principle of vibrational matching.

Our species is very fond of resisting unwanted things. It is thought that if only one can fight and struggle long enough, one will eventually defeat the undesired condition; but what happens is that you become that which you resist. When you see cousin Danny yelling at his wife, you intervene and then get into a heated argument with him. This does not alleviate Danny’s upset with his wife, and he’s also upset with you too, and you’re even more upset with him. Danny gripes to his friends and the rest of the family about you, spreading the bad vibes to more and more people. An observant person can see this tired old theme playing out in a million ways on individual, family, group, national and international scales. And it all results from the inability to understand that vibrationally, there is no distinction between “yes” and “no.” Politically we say a fascist is on the “right wing” and a communist is on the “left wing,” but really, they are both in the same vibrational boat. The left and right wing continuum is a false one; there is a true spectrum from tyranny to freedom, and both communism and fascism are identical!

The United States fought the despotic regime in Nazi Germany, but after the war imported many of its scientists and some of its paranoia; almost immediately it began a “cold war” campaign against its former ally Russia; shortly afterward the National Security Act of 1947 created the CIA and the National Security Council; McCarthyism and intolerance became rampant and the democratic ideals of our country began to slowly deteriorate. Now, almost 60 years later, the parallels between political events in the United States and Nazi Germany are striking (See the article “When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History” by Thom Hartmann, published at CommonDreams.org). We now have a “Department of Homeland Security” (homeland?) and numerous laws restricting constitutional freedoms, all in an effort to fight “terrorists” that didn’t exist until we began to place troops on Islamic soil. No really means yes!

Because of the nature of vibrational matching, anything you place your attention on is activated vibrationally within you, and becomes part of the signal you send out to the universe at large. This leads to a powerful but counter–intuitive result: there is no difference whatsoever between “yes” and “no.”

Sounds weird doesn’t it? But if you think about it for a little bit, it makes perfect sense. When you say “no” to something, your attention and focus is upon it; therefore, it is activated within you. When you say “yes” to something, your focus is upon it and it becomes activated vibrationally within you. In both cases, you begin to interact more and more with the thing your attention is on, regardless of whether it is wanted or not.

Therefore, saying “no” to anything is pointless! It’s pointless because you’re going to get what you say no to anyway, and doing so just makes you feel rotten. So what’s the solution? The solution is to say “yes” to everything! Sound irrational and stupid? At first glance it sounds insane, actually. Why would you say “yes” to drugs, or to hatred or violence or poverty or illness? Because when you do so, you place yourself in an attitude of non–resistance, which lines you up with positive emotion, and higher vibrations. And all of the negative stuff gets vibrationally out of your range. When you try to change another’s behavior, you butt up against the Law of Free Will and the First Principle. The best way to change another’s behavior is to set an example; to walk the walk, to LIVE what you want. This is known as “practicing what you preach.” In fact, it is unnecessary to preach what you can genuinely practice!

If you just try going through the day saying “yes” to everything, a remarkable transformation will begin to take place within you: resistance disappears, you become calmer, worry and anxiety goes away and finally, you begin to laugh. You laugh because you realize that you are your own worst enemy, and your best friend. A sense of lightness and freedom begins to soak into your being. And that’s a very good thing. “

Yes” feels a lot better than “no.” They’re both the same anyway, so why not feel better?

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Kenneth James Michael MacLean has written 8 books, produced 2 movies and written dozens of articles.
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