Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro

In my book, “Spiritual Science for Adult Beginners,” I gave an in-depth precise definition of Mysticism. For the sake of the reader, I will put it forth:

The Science of the Soul or Spirituality also known as Mysticism (not Mystery) is the study of the Spirit (Soul) where:

i- Man (Spirit) learns to (consciously) extricate his real self (Spirit) from all forms of bodily coverings and senses of perception, at will.
ii- Man (Spirit) learns to free his true Self from the mind.
iii- Man (Spirit) transcends the mind region, dropping off his mind into Universal Mind,
iv- Man (Spirit) re-gains self-realization after that,
v- Spirit proceeds into the realms of pure spirit,
vi- Spirit merges into the Supreme Being and thereby,
vii- Spirit attains perfect enlightenment or true sainthood in its pristine glory in divine union with the Supreme Deity (Sseggulumanda).

In mysticism, the study of the Spirit (Soul), we learn of:

• The relationship between the Soul and the mind.
• The various bodily coverings (the etheric, the astral or emotional and the causal or mental bodies) and their influence on the Soul or the Soul’s influence upon them.
• We scrutinize the soul and its relationship to the environment and to all creation.
• We discover Soul’s inherent relationship or “Son-ship” if you will, with the Supreme Deity and how Soul can rejoin or merge back into its heavenly Lord and Father and become one with IT.

Based upon that breaking down of the definition of mysticism together with what a student of mysticism has to learn to do as opposed to theorize or speculate, we can easily define a mystic. The mystic is one who consciously at will, sets oneself free from all bodily coverings and from the mind itself and remain pure spirit; free from any form or kind of encumbrances so that as an individualized pure spirit, one can advance through the pure spirit planes until one merges into divine union with the Supreme Origin of all souls. He who does that at will while one still lives in this world is a Mystic or True Saint.

Any one who claims to be a mystic but has not yet attained to that level is but still a student of mysticism if s/he is learning not only the theory but the pragmatic side of mysticism. Mysticism is not just a direct communication with God or the Supreme Being but is a merging of the soul with its Supreme Origin or God. It is the union of the divine spiritual consciousness of the individualized Spirit or Soul with that of its Origin or Source. In mysticism, name-tags do not matter; what matters is the personal direct experience of the merger between the Soul (Spirit) and its Supreme Origin (God)so that divine consciousness alone reigns between the two until no dualism exists any more. Muslim mystics refer to this as "Ma-Arifa", (Union with the Truth).

There is no war of nomenclature, names or status in mysticism. Mysticism is the oldest science in creation and its goal is one and the same for all souls irrespective of racial, religious, ethnic, social-political and cultural backgrounds. Whoever has ever dared to travel the path of mysticism in order to become a mystic, has done so by taking the practical steps as imparted by a contemporary Mystic-Master-Soul at the time of divine instruction. This divine instruction may be called by different names such as baptism, initiation, induction or indoctrination if you like; but the fact is that it does not matter what name-tag you may give or tie to it. What matters is whether or not the one so inducted will put into practice the instructions so imparted. However, let it be noted and understood that the instructions must pertain and be consistent with the above definition in that they must lead the practitioner or disciple to divine union of the Soul with the Supreme Deity. That is the key.

If a medical student attends class, hears the theory and reads all medical books but does not engage in the practical side of the medical profession, he cannot be awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine. However, the professor must himself be a genuine doctor of medicine. Similarly, if a student of mysticism reads, hears and commits to memory every word or discourse but does not take time to put into practical terms what he has acquired from the theory of mysticism, he cannot be called a Mystic or Living Saint no matter how affluent and articulate he may be in its theory.

Unfortunately, most of the people who are referred to as mystics or those who portray themselves as mystics are not mystics in view of the practical reality of what mysticism is. Most of them are theorists or speculators of mysticism.

It is not the speaking of some mysterious words or the use of some mystical terms that makes one a mystic. On the contrary, a Mystic is one that has not only found The Supreme Deity and seen IT but one that has merged into IT and has in essence, become one with IT. It is the direct experience of the merging of the consciousness of the individual and that of the Supreme Deity that makes the individual a real mystic.

It is not the performance of miracles and wonders that makes one a mystic. On the contrary, miracles and wonders are mere yardsticks that may point to the possibility of becoming a mystic. We must always remember that most miracles lay within the mind region and have nothing to do with the goal of mysticism. Miracles and wonders are not the end of mysticism and in fact there is not much significance attached to miracles by the mystics although they happen in the lives of all true mystics. An adult man who is senile is not to be called a father simply because he has a beard, a moustache or a deep voice. Likewise, a barren woman cannot be called a mother simply because she has breasts and a feminine voice or because she wears feminine shoes.

I have seen many persons who are able to perform all kinds of tricks, acrobatics, miracles and wonderful things that most humans marvel at; such as healing the sick, giving riches and wealth by blessing people in the Holy name of some bygone Mystic, Prophet or Savior, predict or foretell the future and many such things; however, the mystics warn us that none of these can be used as a proper yardstick to determine a true Mystic.

How to determine a Mystic

The best ways to determine a mystic include but not limited to the following:

1. By his/her ability to travel through the inner invisible worlds any time any where at will and have the capacity and ability to express his inner experiences which can be verified by fellow mystics.

2. By his/her ability to direct or show a sincere seeker of the Absilute Truth, the signposts relevant to the Inner Way to the pure spirit planes of eternal, everlasting and infinite heavens or worlds and which signposts are verifiable by the travelers of the inner path to the Absolute Reality irrespective of what religions or belief systems they ascribe to, no matter their race or cultural and social backgrounds.

3. By his wisdom and ability to accompany a practitioner of the Mystic Path, into and through the inner invisible worlds and bring him or her back into his/her physical body and surroundings at will.

4. By the love, wisdom and divine power with which an individual devotee is or can be emancipated or salvaged from the vicious circle of births and deaths or the ordeals of re-incarnation and transmigration by accompanying him or her to the Abode of the Lord of all Souls in the Infinite Pure-Spirit worlds of infinite joy, happiness and freedom; thereby, enabling the individual to merge into divine union with the Supreme Deity.

All of the above four points (and more) must happen while both the devotee, disciple or initiate and the Mystic-Master Soul still live in this world in their physical bodies at will. Both the student and the Master must be contemporaries.

If any one who claims to be a Savior, Mystic-Soul-Liberator or God-Man does not have the capacity, the ability or the wisdom to do any one of the above, such a claimant should be avoided.

NOTE: In this article, the word Mystic connotes a Mystic who also is a Savior, Redeemer, Soul-Liberator, and Surgeon of the Soul or Master of Divine Wisdom. While all Saviors, Redeemers or Surgeons of the soul are mystics, not all mystics or Saints are Saviors, Redeemers or Masters of divine wisdom. The difference is that a Mystic who also is a Redeemer or Soul-Liberator has been or is directly authorized by the Supreme Lord to emancipate other souls by showing them the Interior Way traveling which brings them to become Perfect living Mystics or Saints themselves.

Author's Bio: 

Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro is a student researcher in the subject of mysticism. Writing of what he studies, researches and learns sthereof is his passion and way to expose humanity to this vital subject without which true salvation can never be attained. Bijumiro-Jjumiro has met with and learned from a few of the world's very few Mystics since 1978. He has written extensively on this subject with many of his books and articles now in publication.