I’m hardly one to quote the bible, remembering so little of it from my catechism, but I’ve had the beginning words of the 23rd Psalm in my mind since attending a healing conference. Many of the weekend’s presenters focused on prosperity in alignment with spirituality and healing, and the talk among audience participants was pretty lively. Is wealth the goal? Or is wealth just a beautiful by-product of the healing work? Am I in any way conflicted about receiving money in exchange for healing? Or do I embrace the concept of fair exchange?

The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want.

Webster’s defines “to want” as “to have too little of; be deficient in; lack,” as well as “to be lacking or missing for completeness.”

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Therefore, I shall not be deficient, nor lack completeness. I AM that I AM.

And so are you. When we enlighten, we light up and are illuminated from within, courtesy of God, Universe, Source, Love...whatever your preferred word choice for that which cannot be defined.

We are abundant in God’s love and the gateway to that love lies within our hearts. There is no need to look elsewhere, outside of ourselves, for it cannot be found there. There is no there there!

It’s right here...

The God code lies in our DNA and can be activated through Reconnective Healing. True co-creation is possible when you expect a miracle, think big, and have clear intention. As the walls within you begin to crumble, you change your vibration which in turn, affects the vibration of everything else, for we truly are all connected.

When you become God-centered, guidance is yours for the asking. The question then becomes, what are you going to do about the answers you receive? Are you going to be a lightworker? Or are you just going to say you are?

And if you are a lightworker, can you embrace abundance? Or do you believe that spirituality and wealth (in all areas of your life) are mutually exclusive? To think so is an aberration, to my mind. Once you realize the Divine Within and are aligned with it, you will receive all the abundance you require as you contribute to the healing of the planet. It is yours for the asking, if the asking is done with right intent. And you should rejoice in it.

Pray for peace. See—truly see in your mind’s eye—walls between nations crumbling, walls between religions crumbling, walls between neighbors crumbling, walls crumbling within yourself.

Heal others, heal yourself. That’s the way it works. And if along the way, you ease your financial (and other) concerns, what’s wrong with that? Welcome it. Be grateful for it. Have peace with it.

Let the light within you attract others. Watch the abundance of the Divine shine down on all who approach. Do the healing, know its value, embrace abundance, and use your wealth for the greater good.

Be abundant in love. Love always begets more love. Then watch as the walls continue to crumble and are replaced by freedom and joy.

See what happens when you let Jah be your driver!

Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., is a healer and channel for Divine Sophia and others, having experienced an opening of these abilities through a healing of her own. Following careers in teaching, counseling and human resources, her skills are now more specifically focused on supporting others in their own awakening process. See www.reconnect-and-heal.com for details and to book your session.

Author's Bio: 

Raised in a military family, Maria moved between various Army bases, most of them in Germany. At age 17 she moved back to the U.S. to attend the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!) where she earned a B.A. degree and then taught German and English to high school and college students.

After earning her Master’s in Counseling and Psychology, she became Director of an alternative treatment center for people with HIV/AIDS, offering holistic treatment modalities including counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, and nutritional education.

From there she took her first job in Human Resources. Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, her career spanned various industries. She also went back to grad school and completed some of the coursework towards a MBA.

Along with career exploration, she is a spiritual seeker. Through her own personal Reconnection and healing from life-threatening illness, her heart and life were cracked wide open. She is a channel for Divine Sophia and other Beings of the Light, doing so on TV, radio, and in print media. Based in Austin, Texas but working mostly with remote clients, her reach spans the globe.

An outdoor enthusiast with a love for hiking and cycling, she lets nature inspire her art through photography and writing.