The view of the Law of Attraction that I have is that, it is really nothing new, in an historic sense. It is an amalgamation of thought and practice that many have applied without actually naming the behavior or that approach to life. Like most things considered ‘discovered’ – like the New World – they have already existed but are only reaching some of us, or are just being focused on in the mainstream. I am over 50 and have been reading and thinking along the lines of the LOA since I was nine years old. That may have been due to my delving in the scriptures every day. Good for me! Of course, I cannot say that I have consistently followed the principles.

The Law of Attraction, however, cannot work in isolation. Why not? The bottom-line is that the LOA works precisely when there is a connectedness between the plans and purposes of the Divine, our pure thoughts and intentions and our actions. When this connection is optimized then the ease of transcending time and space occurs. Of course, this also needs assistance from our gift of imagination.

We are therefore left with the questions:
1. how to know the plan and purposes of the Divine
2. what is the makeup of the Divine
3. which thoughts and intentions are the most productive
4. how to know which actions will achieve this powerful

It goes without saying that this has to be a process before it becomes ‘overnight success’. Sometimes we may want to attract our good but at the same time paradoxically resist it. That is something to think about.

Not to leave you dangling with unanswered questions, having riled up your curiosity, let me offer a few answers for the four questions above. You will have to pursue deeper meaning and new, fulfilling experiences as a result of self-discovery and re-direction.

1. The Divine would not want to sabotage His own plans and
therefore is ready and willing and able to share them,
if asked.
2. The Divine consists of everything positive and life-
enhancing for all.
3. The thoughts and intentions that are most productive
are those which focus on what you want, rather than on
what you don’t.
4. Which are the right actions? In everyone is the
potential to lead great lives, so stretch yourself to
think thoughts and take actions which confirm your

It is the creative thoughts and fearless actions with which the Law of Attraction likes to cooperate. There is more. Let’s explore.
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