One of, if not the main key to being a Law of Attraction practitioner is for you to enter into a state of Self-actualization. One of the most straightforward definitions of self-realization is knowledge of the self, understanding who you really are and what you were created to be. One dictionary says that it is "The fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality." What this means is that a self-actualizing person thrives to be all that they can be.

Dr Abraham Mazola, father of the Self-actualization theory, said it this way-

"Self-actualized people seek Autonomy, independence of culture and environment. Self-actualizing persons, though dependent on others for the satisfaction of the basic needs of love, safety, respect and belongingness, "are not dependent for their main satisfactions on the real world, or other people or culture or means-to-ends, or in general, on extrinsic satisfactions. Rather they are dependent for their own development and continued growth upon their own potentialities and latent resources."

There is much more that we could quote from Dr. Maslow, but the process of Self-actualization begins with you becoming and observer of your thoughts. This also includes being in touch with your emotions as well as seeking to understand, and change when needed, your habits.

You have to become what I call the noticer. The noticer is the part of you that ask you-

Why did I think that thought?
Why am I feeling this way?
Why do I keep reacting to particular situations in the same manner?

There are many aspects of self-realization that we could look at, but when dealing with being a Law of Attraction practitioner, the thing that is most important is coming to the understanding that you are 100% Responsible for the direction of your life.

Though we are to become the noticer of our thoughts we must remember we are not those thoughts and we have the power of choice that allows us to choose which thoughts we will act on. Though we are the observer of our emotions we are not our emotions and like our thoughts we therefore have the power of choice that allows us to choose how our emotions will be played out. Habits are no different. No matter what habit a person has, good or bad, that person is not the habit that they have. A habit is a thought that has strong enough emotional attachments that we act on it until it becomes a pattern in our life.

Before you can become a deliberate attractor you have to have a clear understanding that you are at your very essence a spirit having an earthly experience in this body and not vise versa. With this understanding we then learn not to place the importance that we have in the past on this physical reality. Dr. Maslow says that this gives the Self-actualized person an efficient perception of reality and more comfortable relations with it. This is useful in manifesting because you are not afraid of the unknown and can tolerate the doubt, uncertainty, and tentativeness accompanying the perception of the new and unfamiliar without being shaken.

Self-actualizing persons are not ego-centered therefore they understand that most problems that they deal with has more to do with their perception of reality than what is actually happening. It is never what is happening as much as the way we choose to process the situation. This absents of ego also keeps them grounded when it comes to not getting attached to the material things they attract into their lives. Self-actualized people understand, "I am not my body, I am not the car I drive, the house I live in, my bank account or any other outside thing."

Because we are spirit our experience and our reality is created from the inside out not the outside in. This understanding also helps the Self-actualized person guard against attachments to material things. In the Buddhist religion it says the attachment is the root of all worry and sorrow. We can see that this is true when we think of our own lives. We only worry about those things that we are truly attached to. If there is no attachment then there is no need to worry, fret or complain. This is truly difficult when it comes to people. Learning to love without attachments can be a great challenge.

Being a Self-actualized person is so important and if you don't get it you will never be able to be a deliberate attractor. You have to be able to see the direct correlation between what and how you have been thinking and what you have actually seen showing up in your life. This is hard for many people to except, but nothing has ever come into your adult life without an invitation. The invitation that invites things and situations into your experience is your thoughts, emotions and their corresponding actions that have the potential to become habits.

To become a self-actualized person will also force you to rethink your belief system. There are literally hundreds of self-limiting beliefs that we have gained through out our life that will hinder us. Self-actualization deals with being all that you can be. Self-limiting beliefs are beliefs that limit this process. We have to learn to challenge those beliefs if we are to star tapping the envelop of our hidden potential. We do this by asking ourselves questions;

What is it that I would like to do that I have made myself to believe is not possible?

What is it that I desire that I have made myself to believe I can not have?

These kinds of questions will begin a process in the sub-conscious mind that will literally destroy each self-limiting thought addressed.

You can start accessing your full potential today. It all starts with the understanding that what you see in your life is not all that it was meant to be. You are constantly in the process of becoming more.

Author's Bio: 

Bishop Wilson is a leadership; life & Spiritual Coach that helps people identify, evaluate the severity of and remove the mental hindrances to their success.