You start something......complete it, no matter what. Do this several times and you will develop a winning habit....the habit of completion.

Yet beware, for the opposite is also true. You start an activity and you leave it incomplete. You do this a few times and you will develop a destructive habit...the habit of failure or incompletion.

Completing whatever you were working on has nothing to do with that particular project. Any present or past fulfilled task is insignificant in the greater scheme of things. It’s not about the project. It’s about the habit being created. The habit of completion.

See your current endeavors through completion... and you’ll see yourself among the few who make it to the summit of every climb, the few who live life above ordinariness, the few who understand the universe and how it works, the few who have mastered the law of completion.

“A few years from now those activities that you completed today will have very little meaning to you, but the habit you developed to complete them...will have the meaning that runs you.”
~Andres Lara

Exercise to Master The Law of Completion:

1-Write one small project that you can start and complete today. The key here is to start and finish today....and not something that you won’t complete and will add to your incomplete list.

After you finish this project... Keep records on a journal of every accomplishment. This journal will be worth more than anything you possess. Keep it in a safe, for it will be essential to create a new winning self-concept. A concept of a successful you. A concept that says you finish things.

These records will also keep you grounded when you start questioning yourself. By looking back at these records, your objective is to overwrite all your past programming that you have of yourself and derive a new winning self-concept. This shouldn’t be hard since the only records you kept were those of completion and successes. This is much better than having your subconscious throw at you whatever it chooses from your past.

Think about this. Consciously people don’t say statements like “I’m a failure” or “I am a loser” and sometimes they do. But unconsciously, all of those incomplete things that you consciously don’t remember, or choose not to remember, are still there.....your subconscious is still keeping tabs on you....which in turn dictates who you are or who you think you are. .

Consider this.... Your conscious mind can only process so many things at once yet there are billions of things being processed at every given second inside of you. You don’t think about moving your legs, arms, combining letters to make words and words to make sentences.

You don’t think about digesting food, or circulating your blood, yet all of those things and many more are being processed without you even been aware. Your subconscious is running the show......which also happens to run your self-concept. (see our article on self-concept)

So your subconscious is like a very big internal hard drive and by keeping records you will be forming a 2nd external drive. This external drive or journal is going to be where you should withdraw the facts to create your new concept of yourself like “I complete things” “ I finish things.” “ I complete all that I start.” “ I have mastered the law of completion.” And every time you lack confidence it’s because you are not withdrawing the facts from your external drive...your journal. (See our article on creating new habits)

2-For the next 30 days you are going to repeat this process. Start and complete 1 small project daily and keep records of every project you finish. If it comes easy to you....good. Do it anyway.

Remember you are developing a habit and accumulating records to input into your journal or external drive so you can reinforce your new self-concept “I complete things” when it becomes questionable or shaky. Also keep in mind that it’s not about the project. You are building the muscle of completion and later on when you are undertaking heavier projects, you will be glad that your muscle has been exercised.

3-After you do this for 30 days and shared your stories with us, look back into your life. Look for the things that you have started but never really finished. Maybe you were part of a team and you always wondered how it would be like to go back.. This is the perfect time. Go back and get some completion on this.

Maybe you were starting a business and you stopped for whatever reason. Good.. now go back and complete it. Come up with something and complete it. Then go to the next one and complete it...Remember it’s not about the’s about the image you are saving in your external drive....... you complete matter what. (see article on will help)

4- If you did what we asked you in #1 and followed as we indicated, you will be able to master this with no problem. At this point, when you are striving to complete bigger things or just thinking about completing them; you are going to question this exercise, its validity, the person who created it, etc. You can make this about anybody or anything.... but really this is about you. So stop yourself. Save the energy and put it towards completing something big.

This is where those records you kept on the journal (external drive) we suggested come in handy. Bring them out and read them over and over. All those things you completed. Visualize them. Bring yourself back to those moments. Feel how you felt when you completed them. And as you generate the same feelings...repeat to yourself “I complete things.” Now complete this one project and’s never about the project. It’s always about developing the muscle of completion.

Sometimes people are going to pick and choose which project to complete and which one not to complete. Something to keep in mind...YOU will always know what’s still incomplete in your life.

On a last thought, think about what it would be like if you absolutely knew that every time you started something, it was going to get completed. You can start pursuing a dream with confidence knowing that you will see through its completion. What would you start doing, if whatever you started you will see its fruition? Master the law of completion and reap the rewards of never ending success.

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Homeless at 16...Millionaire at 26. Andres is the author of the book “Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within” which is published in Korea, Africa, and USA. His second book “How To Stay Motivated During Difficult Times” is also an international success. For more information visit