The Energy of Attraction
Everything that you have in your life came to you through the Law of Attraction. Every time you think a thought you create an energy field. If you think a thought consistently, and with much emotion whether positive or negative you will draw to you that which you focus upon. You created everything you have in your life. Yes you do create your life experience. Your lack of anything is not due to another person, place, or outside circumstance. Your lack is due to the energy you are putting out into the universe.

If you believe you are lacking money, and you dwell upon this thought daily you are sending out an energy of lack. This energy will create more lack in your life. A better job, winning the lottery, or buying the right stock will not change this situation. Until you change this belief of lack to a belief that you are attracting everything you want or need into your life, you will continue experiencing lack in your life. Prosperity starts from the inside. Outside circumstances will not create prosperity in your life. A better paying job may temporarily bring prosperity into your life, but it will not last if your thought energy is one of lack and fear of poverty.

To bring peace, joy, and prosperity into your life you need to take control of your thoughts. This may not be easy at first especially if you have a habit of thinking negatively. Sometimes in your anger, frustration, and depression you may not want to think positively. Sometimes your state of mind is such that you do not know what to think to change your world around. Other times you may really give an effort in creating a positive attraction energy and nothing positive occurs. You may have feelings of frustration and anger over not creating a more positive life. These are all natural processes. Many people experience these feelings and emotions on their way to creating a more peaceful and harmonious life. Please do not give up. This is a sign that you are beginning to block the negative energy forces in your life.

When you catch yourself thinking something negative try and stop that thought in its track. Say to yourself "I attract only the positive and good in my life". Say it until that negative thought goes away. If you cannot stop the thought or are in a state of mind that does not want to stop the thought then think that thought. Remind yourself that you know what you are thinking is sending out negative energy. Just the thought of being aware of the negative energy will help to reduce the negative attraction energy.

Keep up this constant vigilance. Know that you are connected to an Energy Source that many people call God. Know that you can create your hearts desire. Know that you deserve everything you desire. I believe with constant practice you will see positve changes in your life. Please don't give up on yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Diane LeGallee is a writer and creator of Her mission is to serve others through her writing and website by helping others live a life of peace and joy. She hopes that the variety of products, articles, and insights she offers will help others to live their Truth and enhance their spiritual growth. She hopes her writings and website will provide the basis where others can reclaim their lives and have a truly joyous life experience.

She views herself as a servant of humanity. Personal growth and spiritual enlightenment have been her passion for over 20 years. She has immersed herself in hundreds of books related to these topics, and has put into practice with success many of the teachings. She has listened to hundreds of hours of cassette programs in these areas as well as attended various seminars to further her study and understanding of living life with passion, happiness, and inner peace. I believe She has achieved a level of success in this area though our spiritual journey never ends.