Why are so many Americans heading towards, if not already battling an obesity problem? What are the main factors to this growing epidemic and what can we do to stop it?

Let's take an eye opening look into the downfall of our diet and our changing culture. Here we will outline the cause and effect and give you the solution to stop the rising obesity problem.

Cause: Drastic changes in lifestyle and dietary habits have contributed to a quick decline in our overall health, causing diseases like Type II Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, cancer, high risk of stroke and gallbladder disease to have an alarming effect on our younger generation. At this rate of health decline due to poor diet and lack of exercise our life expectancy rates are starting to decline and the cost of proper medical care cost will reach an estimated cost of over 100 Billion dollars.
(These facts are taken from the American Obesity Association.)

Today’s modern lifestyle is more comfort driven. People would rather ride than walk, ride the elevator over taking the stairs. Gone are the days of hard work, instead the majority of our jobs are centered around our computers and desks. Making the time our hectic, stress driven world to cook at home instead of eating out is also a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. Fast food has become a sad way of life for Americans. Eating on the run and ingesting thousands of calories at just one meal or burgers, fries and a shake is not the way to go. Families are not taking the time to sit down and eat a properly prepared, nutritious meal together. A bucket of fried chicken and a liter of sugar laiden soda, does not count as a healthy family meal, contrary to what the commercials may claim.

Time Management

Time management is essential to maintaining a healthy weight and way of life...this is possible to attain by following these easy steps:

- 30 minutes of planned exercise, 3 times per week can make a significant difference in dropping those extra, unwanted pounds.
- A well planned trip to the supermarket, list in hand, will lead to proper food choices and cut down on binge shopping.
- Keeping all the healthy ingredients at home can lead to preparing a healthy and fast meal for yourself and family.
- Cut out those daily stops to your local coffee shop - just one latte and an afternoon danish can add over 1500 calories to your diet. If this is an important part of your daily routine, try ordering a simple cup of coffee or tea, this way you will still have your social interaction without the calories.
- Send your children and yourself out to play. People today spend too much sedentary time indoors in front of the TV and computer.
- Make sure yourself and your children get the proper amount of sleep - lack of sleep is also a contributing factor to obesity. Did you know that your body repairs itself and also burns calories during the sleep process?

Learn To Make Healthy Decisions

Educate yourself about nutrition - There are untold books, DVD's, health videos and informational articles on how to achieve a healthy, well balanced weight.

Making the proper food and lifestyle choices are very easy once you are armed with the proper information. The food industry and other social media are the main culprits here - sorry to say, but your health is not what they have in mind. Your disposable dollar is what they are appealing to. Every year, absolute fortunes are paid to advertise in companies to get you to consume, purchase and eat all the wrong things. Extra fat, salt and sugar are added to every processed food that we purchase. Consuming these empty calories are also a main contributing factor to America's obesity problem.

Easy Solutions to End Obesity

1. Diet: Always eat a well rounded, nutritional diet of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates from nuts and grains, consume only lean protein, eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This will be a mainstay of maintaining a healthy body and weight.

2. Supplementation: Take recommended vitamins & mineral supplements, along with natural remedies for minor health concerns.

3. Exercise: Todays hectic lifestyle needs a healthy exercise routine of combined aerobic and strength training to keep our heart and muscles strong and disease free.

4. Mental Stability: How we view ourselves and maintaining a healthy outlook on life is essential to self-esteem, personal relationships, work, family and self contentment.

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