Many of the advancements you see today regarding health and medicine would have seemed unbelievable 25 years ago, but are now an accepted and regular part of many lives, as are modalities like Meditation and Yoga.

But unlike these highly visible breakthroughs and familiar modalities the advances within the realm of psychological and pain relieving techniques has gone generally un-noticed. Notably, ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ or EFT.

What is EFT?

EFT is a deceptively simple but decidedly effective technique that quickly reduces, or as in many cases completely resolves even the most chronic emotional or physical problem. It’s based on the 5000 year old proven Chinese Acupuncture principles that throughout the body runs 14 micro-electrical pathways called the Meridians, situated along which are hundreds of microscopic but powerful energy points. When a combination of specific points are stimulated often by needles, the body’s energy becomes balanced bringing about emotional and physical well-being.

EFT is a psychological version of Acupuncture, except no needles are used. Instead the client sits as a few specific and powerful upper body Meridian points are tapped whilst they lightly focus a few minutes at a time upon their issue.

East meets west

Success eliminating psychological and physical problems using Meridian tapping was discovered quite by chance 25 years ago by Psychologist Dr Roger Callaghan.

A patient, Mary, sought help after trying everything to cure a life long terrifying water phobia. In consultations she often said ‘Every time I look at or think of water I feel it right here in my stomach’. One time Callaghan got an idea. Knowing a little Acupuncture he instructed Mary to tap a specific Meridian point as she thought about her fear. He didn’t expect much but thought the tapping might balance or unblock her energy.

After a few minutes Mary stopped tapping with an amazed look. ‘It’s gone, the feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I’m not afraid anymore!’ Callaghan was very skeptical but upon testing confirmed she was phobia free, and remains so to this day.

After years of research Callaghan formulated various tapping sequences for presenting problems, calling his method Though Field Therapy or TFT. However, one of his first students Gary Craig simplified and modified the method and named his version EFT.

How it works

Callaghan discovered that when we experience a distressing thought the Meridians gets disrupted. An electrical ’zzzzzt’ short-circuit affect occurs within the body and it’s this, not the thought or memory itself that causes many emotional or physical problems to arise. If it were just the thought, we’d all be afraid of spiders for instance!

Distressing Thought > ‘zzzzzt’ short-circuit = Emotion

Tapping at the middle stage releases, balances and resets the body’s ‘zzzzt’ energy imbalance, breaking the link to the previously felt negative emotion or pain.

A four year back pain disappears within minutes

A woman in pain attended one of my workshops with a severe four year back pain sustained in a car accident, as with Mary nothing worked to relieve it, but yet within a short EFT treatment the pain vanished.

After treatment the woman remained motionless in disbelief not quite sure what to think, she moved her body about to locate the pain - but couldn’t find it. She then sobbed, relieved that the pain she thought she’d always have to live with was now gone. A year on and the pain has never returned.

Food cravings, exercise and public speaking

‘I can’t stop eating bread!’ one client mentions to me, another, ‘I can’t motivate myself to exercise!’ Another, ‘I’m afraid of public speaking!’
All were significantly helped with EFT.

EFT in spas

The future of successful growth within spas will be more than offering the usual treatments and modalities like massage and yoga. Frequently more and more spa goers are requesting that their chronic physical problems and ongoing emotional and psychological issues be addressed .

For instance how beneficial would it be for guests to get help to quit smoking whilst on their stay? Or how about really eliminating a chronic pain, sports injury or some corporate stress and also come away with a useful and practical self help tool? Or perhaps resolving a long standing phobia or past trauma? Often permanently too, because EFT gently eliminates the root causes for issues never to return.

Detox Symptoms

Guests don’t have to suffer the detox symptoms of cravings, headaches and hunger pangs. Because symptoms are often magnified by psychologically induced energy imbalances they can be significantly relieved using EFT.

Weight Loss

We know it’s not just diet and exercise that enables a successfully maintained healthy weight. It’s about ‘mindful’ eating and addressing and resolving the emotional factors that cause people to over-eat, or self-sabotage or lack motivation to exercise. Factors that prevent weight loss, for weight to gain or for it to yo-yo. Factors why most diets fail time and time again and keep people where they are. Over-weight and unhappy.

So, it’s absolutely essential that the emotional and psychological reasons behind excess weight be dealt with to attain any sustained long term success. Fortunately EFT can help by working to resolve these factors.

Golf and other sports performance

Most golfers and other sports players would agree that once you know how to play the game the remaining blocks to success are in the mind. Some even say it’s not a game against an opponent, but against their own negative thinking, beliefs and limitations. EFT not only deals with the aches and pains associated with sports, but also the anxiety and psychological aspects too.

At its very basic level EFT balances the energies and relieves mental stress and physical tension, boosts the immunity, helps blood pressure, the heart, and benefits all other bodily systems promoting good health. It’s an effective internal workout that’s easily learned and self-applied.

No, EFT is not a cure all. Nothing can ever realistically be, but with a very high success rate it just might be the nearest thing we have to really helping spa goers quickly and effectively resolve problems. Tap tap…….

*Since originally writing this article I have added more to my repertoire - notably 'Quantum emotional and Physical Release (QEPR).

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Paul Emery is an internationally-renowned therapist who has helped thousands of people from all walks of life from doctors and movie stars to royalty.

He is winner of the recent prestigious AsiaSpa award - 'Holistic Treatment of the Year' - for his new and most effective therapy - 'Quantum Emotional and Physical Release (QEPR).

He has worked at the worlds top health resorts, appeared on Australian TV series ‘Celebrity Overhaul’, is featured in the best-selling book ‘Ultimate Spa-Asia’s Best Spas and Spa Treatments’, in international newspapers and magazines including ‘Luxury Spa Finder’, ‘Travel & Leisure’, 'Gala', 'Harpers Bazaar', 'Marie Claire', the 'Financial Times' and ‘Wirtschafts Woche’.

He is is founder and developer of QEPR, a counselor, EFT Trainer and NLP Master trained by celebrity therapist Paul McKenna and a qualified TFTdx advanced practitioner.