You probably have heard the term”the size of your network determines the size of your net worth”. Now if you are an online business owner, you’ve heard it “the money is in the list”. With that said, both online and offline business owners realize that building a network is essential to sustaining a viable business in the long haul. Every successful entrepreneur ever existed got there, by first building a loyal network of clients and friends that led him/her to an increasing number of opportunities and influence. After all, it’s not who you that matters, it’s who knows you. The Art of Intuitive Networking differs greatly from the methods of Traditional Networking in many ways, and is a great deal more effective.

The traditional and prevalent networking method you see taking place at events and business seminars is based mostly on the Law of Numbers and Averages. The traditional networker is usually handing out his/her business cards like a sales person on the roll to meet a sales quota with minimal human bonding. Typically, the effects of the psychological pressure that manifest on the traditional networker’s demeanor as neediness, and stiff body language. Not to mention, feeling drained, and exhausted like you’re climbing a mountain, are all the outcome of networking with the mindset of a sales person. While networking the traditional way can produce some random and sporadic results, it will for the most part reduce your efforts and time to nothing more than a pile of collected cards of warm leads.

Intuitive networking is an art that builds a rolodex that’s ultra-responsive, warm and ever –expanding, in a way that’s effortless, joyous and has real-human connection at its cornerstone. Its success depends on implementing five different factors in the following order-Mindset, Attitude, Clarity, Intuitive Action, and Acts of Service.

Here’s an explanation of the five success factors of Intuitive Networking that you must use to build a Golden Rolodex, which will enrich your life with many rewards beyond your imagination.

1-Mindset: Always come from a place of abundance, giving and service first, not from a place of selling or qualifying potential clients, when approaching people.

2-Attitude: Check your attitude to make sure you’re turned on positive; no one wants to connect with a grouch, except for negative people.

3-Clarity: Be clear on your intention. What goal are you seeking to accomplish before you go to an event. What answers and solutions are you searching for?

4-Intuitive Action: Be open to possibilities and make a declaration that you will connect with all the souls that you’re supposed to connect with, and with the highest good for all parties before you enter the event. Then, relax and just go about your business without actively looking to connect with anyone and you will intuitively attract to you the right connections. Listen to your heart and it will tell you where to go and when to act.

5-Acts of Service: When you connect with someone, think of ways you can help that person accomplish his/her goal without expecting anything in return. Not only it’s a very rewarding experience, but you’ll initially make new friends and later clients, and very possibly for life, if you’re consistent at follow-up and keeping in touch.

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