Now that over 85%+ of all who tried to stop smoking for New Year's have either cheated on, abandoned or failed in their resolution, it's time now to confront the fatal flaws in nearly every Quit Smoking technique, advise or therapy. JPR-Assoc is now able to pinpoint why failure is nearly universal for most smokers trying to quit. And it's so simple to avoid these mistakes. The TOP 5 worst mistakes smokers make are:

1. Tapering-off usage of cigarettes to quit them is not only one of the worst things a smoker can do, it actually reinforces the smoking habit. This technique has many vocal backers, but failure is most rampant.

2. Trying to Stop Smoking on a weekend, holiday or other personal day often leads to tragic results by the lack of genuine routine. The first day is critical, work routine keeps the mind actively diverted.

3. Using carrot or celery sticks, drinking gallons of water or any other arduous activity to replace the cigarette is not only silly, put actually keeps the smoker connected to the cigarette in a highly destructive manner. You are constantly reminding yourself , through obnoxious diets or tasks, that you'd rather be smoking.

4. Using Nicotine Replacements (patches, pills, gums, etc.) is not only expensive, but has been proven nearly worthless for the average smoker. People stay hooked on nicotine, and that ultimately leads to continued smoking later-on. Gum is fine for work or airline travel, but never to disconnect from nicotine.

5. Trying to QUIT something you love never works. Referring to this process as "quitting" is not only unhelpful, it's also regressive. If we've learned anything from the "no-carb" diets a few years ago, the brain is very crafty at getting what it wants, and sabotages our efforts to change. The brain loves nicotine and the act of smoking; it's a great source of comfort. Stopping any bad habit must be based on a positive outcome, and quitting is always perceived as negative and disruptive.

JPR-Assoc has also now identified the 3 Most Critical Elements that must be present for any real victory to occur. Even the absence of just one of these elements can be fatal to any attempt to lead a smoke-free life. It is these 3 elements that all Quit Smoking techniques and therapies thwart, thus condemn to catastrophe. JPR-Assoc will share this information freely, and further expand-on these and other blunders smokers make, when contacted … or it's also posted on their website:, And this information is available NO WHERE ELSE, period.

The pioneering, straightforward and excessively simple process JPR-Assoc uses to turn smokers into non-smokers is truly novel, innovative and stems from over 19 years of research and fine-tuning. This is NOT HYPNO-THERAPY! JPR-Assoc calls it Smoking's Definitive Solution, because it works universally with all types of smokers. You see, they don't lecture people on how to quit smoking, they inform them of the fastest, easiest way to become non-smokers, for life. And that clever little swap in terminology makes all the difference in the world; makes the entire process optimistic and sustainable, and so devastatingly effective.

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JPR-Assoc has quietly been helping folks in the San Francisco Bay Area, on a word-of-mouth basis, for quite some time … now they're ready to introduce and share this invaluable and essential information to all smokers, everywhere.

For much more detail and candid talk, don't hesitate to contact their spokesman, John P. Ring, directly; smokers (and those who love them) crave this type of vital knowledge. He tends to be quite passionate and blunt on this subject, using bold commonsense to solve one of life's most frustrating dilemmas. Thank you for your consideration and continued interest.

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