Seven years ago, I walked into a stationery store to buy a card for a friend’s birthday. This was the last stop on a long list of errands I had run that day. I was glad the day of errands was almost over but I was exhausted. I walked up to the register to pay for my card and noticed a basket of colored rocks with inspirational words. I combed through the basket, picked up a purple rock printed with the word “peace” and gave it to the cashier.

Later that evening, while running down my to-do list for the next day, my mind drifted to the purple peace rock I had purchased. I wondered why I had bought it. I didn’t even like purple! And then it occurred to me. With all of my life, family and work pressures at the time, I was longing for some inner peace in my life. I couldn’t explain it but I felt more centered just holding the rock in my hand. Because of this rock, “peace” had suddenly become tangible and therefore attainable for me. If I had this feeling, I knew others could feel the same way.

It was here the seed for MyMantra was planted. It would be great to have store filled with products, allowing you to express yourself and spiritual ideals—growth, success, love, family, health—whatever made you feel connected! I am a firm believer that sometimes, all it takes is a friendly reminder during a hectic day to remember what really matters in life. That’s what I believe MyMantra will be for you—a gentle reconnection to your true self.

Life can be challenging. There’s no doubt about that. And even the most optimistic of us would find it hard to believe a gift store could single handedly heal all of life’s woes. But what MyMantra can do is bring more meaning to a few moments in your otherwise busy day. It is these small moments that when strung together, remind us of our real purpose in life.

Today, the purple peace rock sits on my nightstand, as it has for the last seven years. It serves as a constant reminder of what I aspire for in my own life. I believe MyMantra and its products will positively impact your life and help you bring your own ideals to fruition. I wish for you a life filled with the abundance of beauty, power of wisdom, courage of truth and expression of joy. I wish for you all these things and more.

Author's Bio: 

Tiffany Green is Chief Energy Officer of MyMantra, Inc. She founded the store in 2007 to provide quality products to the online spiritual community. Based in Chicago, IL, the women-owned company offers contemporary, gifts that encourage spirituality, personal growth and self-expression. Green has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field. She holds a master's degree in business and a journalim degree both from the University of Missouri-Columbia.