Meditation is often believed or said to be the process of turning in to the mind. In mysticism however, meditation is an integral part of the soul’s inner journey to the Ultimate Truth (God-Consciousness) by setting itself free of the physical body, the senses of perception and the mind itself. In transformational meditation the mind is but only a tool employed by the individual for the soul to access inner, pure spiritual planes until the soul (spirit) merges into divine union with the Supreme Being, at will. The merging of the soul into divine union results into direct oneness so that between the Source of all life (God) and the individual soul there is no difference in consciousness. When an individual attains to this level, he has become a God-Realized individual and has therefore attained God-Consciousness (often also known as Super-cosmic consciousness).

Meditation as is understood and practiced by the majority of people is simply a sitting down in a comfortable posture with closed or open eyes and relax. Often this situation is accompanied by focusing one’s attention on something lofty. It can be an imaginary source of light like the sun or the moon. It can be a bygone Saint, Savior or Prophet or about an invisible Creator or God. Many people think of a star, a cloud, a point in the spectrum of time. Others think of nothing but focus on what is termed “emptiness.” You just let your mind go blank, free of any thought or image or visualization of any thing. Some focus on attributes of peace, love, harmony and tranquility etc. All of these different forms or kinds of meditation, one can say, are focused upon some type or kind of goal or target whatever it may be. Whether it is emptiness or the picture or image of some bygone Saint, Savior, Prophet, peace, love, harmony or tranquility; whatever it is, that is its goal or target. The common denominator in meditation is that there is some form or kind of objective, reason or purpose for engaging in meditation.

While there may be many different techniques, methods or ways and means of meditation, and I have used several different methods of meditation I know there may be one thousand or one million different ways and methods of meditation. Meditation is just the general terminology used by all.

In mysticism, the main point here is the “Objective.” What is the purpose or reason for meditating? Is it just to find relaxation? Is it to find or come to some form of a vision or dream of a bygone Saint or Savior? Or is it just to feel good after some profound moments of personal quietness or some kind of serenity and tranquility? Mystics however, teach that the true objective of transformational meditation is conscious divine union of the soul (spirit) with the Infinite Source of all Life and not after death but now while the individual still lives and works in this material world. When an individual attains this objective, s/he no longer lives as any mortal person. On the contrary, such a achievement brings the practitioner to exist as a multi-dimensional being. He or she lives and functions simultaneously in the physical worlds and in the inner invisible heavenly worlds. That is the true purpose of meditation. The interesting and most intriguing fact however is that whoever attains to these very lofty levels conceals the fact from every other person. Spouses and children or the closet of friends usually remain ignorant of the status of the practitioner. It is a meditation that transforms the mortal person into an immortal being not in the sense of leaving behind a name or a memorable material object but by getting freed from the vicious cycle of births and deaths. The individual consciousness has merged into oneness with the Super-cosmic Consciousness which is the Ultimate Truth and from then onwards, the individual is one with IT to the rest of his or her entire life and into eternity. Such a person lives in infinite joy, happiness and freedom even as you may think is sad or sorrowful on account of some saddening news or pain from disease, these things never affect his super consciousness. They can only affect his physical body.

This explains why when mystics speak of meditation their meaning is an entirely different objective. They do not teach meditation just for relaxation or just for healing of the ephemeral body as their purpose. No. Relaxation, healing, gaining mental clarity and intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy you name it, are but byproducts of the overall purpose and objective. Mystics instruct their aspirants in the ageless science of meditation as a vehicle by which the soul is extricated from the body, from sense faculties and from the mind and then, in its pure pristine glory as Spirit, it is transported into super transcendental states of consciousness. At will, it sojourns throughout the inner spiritual planes until it merges into Divine Union with the Supreme Origin, thereby become one with IT forever and ever even as the individuals still dwells in this body in this world, now. This in part explains why the science is sometimes called dying while living. Lord Jesus referred to this when he taught that the Kingdom of heaven is gained by dying daily. Maharaj Charan Singh Ji taught the same science as, “Die to live.”

Since time immemorial, individuals who have been inducted into the divine Path of the Saints or the science of mysticism have come to learn, experience and know the Truth for what IT is, now while they still shoulder their earthly duties and family responsibilities. They have learned this through the conscious at will procedure in the pilgrimage of the soul throughout the inner, otherwise invisible realms and planes where only pure spirits dwell free of minds and material forms. This process is known as dying while living and can be found mentioned in some religious and spiritual literature throughout the ages. The methods of how this inner pilgrimage is done are mentioned, explained and expounded since time immemorial in different ways and languages by different mystics or Saints. Because of some specific commonalities in these explanations and revelations if you will, mysticism is believed and practiced not just as an art but a practical science. Or, its results when imparted by a competent genuine Mystic Saint and Master of Wisdom and rightly followed, bears the same results to all sincere and genuine practitioners. One vital point here worth mentioning is that only the brave and the courageous individual aspirants who have the “will-to-dare” can succeed at it.

The reason for that is that the Way of the Almodia (The Mystic Path) is always known as the Way of the Daring or the Way of the Brave. Weaklings and the fearful can never dare delve into the journey to free their minds first and then embark upon the pilgrimage where only souls freed from minds can dare travel. In order to travel the inner journey the individual must first of all build some divine virtues and merits to his or her spiritual bank account and reduce the heaviest percentage of their karmic liabilities. This right here, answers the question why few ever succeed at this which is called True Self-Mastery. By self-mastery we mean the soul or spirit mastering the mind and the mind mastering the body with its sense perceptions and taking charge of both- the body and mind. This responsibility of the soul or spirit is achieved by few people in every age and civilization. Those who did (or do) were always known as the truly Twice-Born and they are the true mystics or Saints. All those who fail to weed vices and negative habits and practices from their lives cannot share in the fruits of meditation as described by the Mystics. For, their souls carry the heavy burden of retributive effects- karmic liabilities or encumbrances. Nor can they be welcome in the inner pure spirit realms and planes where only the purified souls reign and dwell forever and ever even as they still live in the world of the mortals.

It appears that the common terminology “Born-Again” as is used today in the Christian evangelism crusades is but a borrowing from the ancient mystics. The methods employed today by Christian evangelists (baptism in water and the use of the words, “In the name of the Holy Spirit…” are far from the authentic way in which it was or is done by the Mystics. Only one who is him or herself a Perfect Mystic; one who has attained Perfection in Divine Union with the Supreme Lord can baptize anyone into the system or method by which the one so baptized can become a Born-Again or Twice-Born. For, it is not just the use of any external object like water or external words that can transform anyone into an immortal being but the divine spiritual power and authority of a genuine authentic Soul-Liberator whose existence in the material world fulfils the spiritual lives of those whose souls he touches with the Divine Celestial Light and Melody that emanates from the pure spirit heavenly worlds. Such a touch has nothing to do with the promise of salvation after death. Hence, since time immemorial, for any one to be “a saved one,” the Mystics teach, one must be saved from the vicious cycle of births and deaths and from the heavenly Judge of karma. This is achieved when the baptized (initiated) aspirant attains two vital stages in his spiritual growth and development, namely: one, “Self-Realization” and two, “God-Realization” which simply means the merging of the soul consciousness into God-Consciousness so the individual no longer lives and does but God lives and does everything as him or her at will. Such is the meaning of Perfection or what is known as true Sainthood. Few in every age ever attain to this degree of perfection. It is for this reason that Lord Jesus entreated his disciples, “Be ye perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect.” In here is to be found the genuine purpose of transformational meditation; one that transforms the practitioner into a Perfected Being.

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Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro is a practitioner of mystic transformational meditation since 1978. He has attended many different meditation technques and methods from different groups around the world. His experience with the kind of meditation as is imparted by the Perfect Mytsics is expressed in this article. Bijumiro-Jjumiro can be reached at
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