When a mortal person gets an idea in his or her mind, it can be grounded from the etheric dimension to the material level in its pure state. Since all ideas are believed to emanate from God an idea is originally pure because it has not been polluted by some human mind. But it can be polluted or contaminated by the negative tendencies of a mortal mind, resulting from this person’s negative thought patterns, words and deeds. This is why some human polluted ideas turn negative or dangerous- even evil.

Polluted thoughts manifest as those negative events, episodes, occurrences, disease, poverty, racial discrimination and segregation, exploitation, pain misery and suffering. The resultant energy from these negative things ascends into the etheric realm and beyond thereby further polluting the earth’s psychospshere. Soul is light inseparable from divine celestial melody. It is both magnetic and electric. Light and music are both magnetic and electric. Magnetic and electric energies are both essences of love. This light and music or melody is the substance whose basic attribute or qualities are Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

The collective consciousness of earth-dwellers has long polluted the planet’s psychosphere with evil and negative, obscene and profane practices. This profanity, obscenity has long resulted into the immense pollution of earth’s psychosphere. This dangerous pollution penetrates human brains and causes more and more people to behave in many negative ways at an increasingly alarming speed. This manifests in such evil tendencies that cause wars, defilement of young girls (and boys), murder, genocide, killing political opponents, religious, tribal and racial discriminations, segregations as well as the quick spread of negative practices such as homosexuality and its obscene emerging evil tradition of same-sex partnerships, the so-called straight practice where a heterosexual married man also indulges in homosexuality! These practices are obscenities, desecrations of the sacred nature of sex and a total profanity of the sexual organs. They are now replacing some old evil practices such as tribal, religious and racial intolerance, discrimination and segregation.

The more humanity advances from one level to a higher degree or status as a divine spiritual creation, the negative forces design or reawaken dropped negative evil habits and bring them once again to the forefront to pollute modern minds. This is a special design and manipulation of evil minds to ensnare more souls preventing them thereby from attaining higher spiritual grades towards the eventual graduation out of earth life to the everlasting infinite planes of divine union with the Supreme Sseggulumanda.

Since time immemorial this system was always expressed in the words, “History repeats itself.” Perverted sexual behavior for example, is not a new, obscene practice. It only died out or receded into oblivion as humans evolved to a higher level of spiritual and hygienic understanding. Slowly, agents of the evil forces have been working for its revival as a channel through which disease, and divine virtues and wisdom are diminished. The practice has gained momentum in developed countries and is being spread as an acceptable new tradition across the world as a novelty! In some ancient traditions perverted sex was used as a debasing punishment of men who had committed errors. In other cases it ws used as a humiliation of victims. In either way, those who used it were themselves perverted men no matter what their status.

Soul is light and Sound and is magnetic as well as electric. The soul which you are consists of both the magnetic and electric essence of God’s infinite love. Because soul is magnetic, it attracts to itself qualities of love, thereby receiving love from others of its nature. Because soul is also electric, it reaches out to give its qualities and to expand them infinitely. Soul supplies love from the infinite love of God. Because God is ITSELF that Love, Light and Sound, God is the exhaustless, limitless, infinitely abundant SOURCE and supplier of love.

The magnetic energy of the soul is receptive. It attracts to itself everything that is of its own nature. This is why disembodied pure souls i.e. those that have attained their pure state as Self Realized Souls love one another and harbor nothing negative to each other like souls that are still un-realized and who are selfish, dangerous, full of intrigue, haste, jealous of one another. Electric energy gives away its essence unto others.

These two qualities of love are present within each atom of creation as the electron and the proton. When you split the atom, you find the nucleus which is the very substance of that atom, and which is but the true love of God. This love is the most powerful energy there is in the manifest world, in the manifest universe. In the pure spirit planes it manifests as the pure spirit of God which also seats in each one of us as us.

The Supreme Lord and Father Sseggulumanda, is the infinite power of that pure love. The power of that pure love created all worlds and all contents therein.

Between the Soul’s Light and Sound, there is the messenger power of Love. That messenger power of love binds Light and Sound to be fused into one another in a very subtle inseparable manner that, in the essence of the Soul, light and melody or sound are inseparable to the degree that at the highest stages they appear to be one and the same thing - The Supreme Deity. Although it is said that soul is immortal, if one were to kill the soul, one would only have to do one thing, separate its light from its sound, that is, if one could. The process is like that of separating the golden cup from gold, the very substance from which the cup is crafted.

The messenger power of God between the proton and the electron, scientifically called the meson, acts as the material energy of the Universal Agent to all creation. This Universal Agent of God, whom we know as the Soul or Spirit whose true substance is light and sound together as one indivisible power, and whose attributes or qualities are Love, Wisdom and Power, is to be found in every atom both in the visible and the invisible worlds.

The meson travels at a terrific sped between the electron and the proton. It is the divine power of the Omnipresent Supreme Being inherent within each atom and is found in trillions of trillions over and over throughout all creation. This is why Soul, like the Supreme Being, Lord Sseggulumanda who is Soul’s primordial and incorporeal source has the Centripetal and the Centrifugal forces, acting within IT simultaneously throughout time, space and distance, actually through eternity.

These two twin forces remain un-dynamic in mortal man and woman but with the Universal Immortality, they are for ever dynamic. This is perhaps the major distinguishing factor between the God-realized human being who has therefore become immortal from the un-realized person who is still temporarily, mortal.

This further explains why when mortal man becomes conscious of his true nature and divine qualities of eternal light and sound, mortal man consciously becomes a dynamic conscious being in the everlasting conscious-ness of God, which is but man’s true nature and essence.

In the undeveloped mortals, the MESON force acts as the mind within the atom, but in the spiritually evolved and illumined person, this same force or power acts as the Divine or Holy Spirit sometimes referred to as the Holy Ghost. This is why mortal man is prompted by the limited mind but an enlightened person is prompted by the Holy Ghost or Spirit and this Holy Spirit leads an evolved person in each and every his or her thought, word and deed. That is the major difference between mortal and immortal men. This also explained why mortals can be transformed into immortals, not after death but as dwellers in the manifest world, now.

Mortal man is limited and narrow minded in his outlook to life and to his understanding and comprehension of the Reality and the Ultimate Truth. When Jesus the Christ pointed out that “Know ye the Truth and the Truth will set you free,” mortal men took that to mean the mere state of being, in which a person speaks the subjective truth as opposed to telling a lie. This, to the mystics is not the truth they teach or speak of. No one can ever speak the truth who, has not attained both, self and Divine-Realization. No one who has not yet become dynamic in the ways of the Holy Ghost tells the truth! As long as man is characterized by the mortal mind, man will never be able to always utter the truth because the Universal Law is that, “like attracts like.” Truth as known in life here is relative and usually subjective. Only when one has reached the conscious and everlasting point of having the Holy Ghost function in him in its dynamic power, can one always speak the universal truth because the Universal Truth within him will always cause him to utter only that same truth even as he dwells on the material level. Only when the Holy Ghost functions within you on the conscious level, can the Universal Truth, enable you to always utter the truth. Otherwise what you say is self-righteousness! The Holy Ghost is the dynamic Divine Essence of God that descends upon one who is fit for its dynamic operation in man as a vehicle of the Truth. In the final analysis, a woman who utters the truth also has the invincible power to create worlds and people them with souls and to salvage them from the vicious recycling project of the play of consciousness.

It reveals one thing when it is said that the truth will set you free. You must first come to “know” the Universal Truth which is God. Until you have seen God, you can never know God. Until you have known God, you can never tell the truth. When you see and know God and have become one in dynamic union with God, only then can you say the unchanging, unfailing truth. True truth is both impermanent and permanent. It is impermanent when uttered by mortal people only because they are potential Saints. It is permanent when voiced by those who have attained divine perfection. Only when you attain divine perfection does the truth sets you free because then you have become its dynamic vessel in the material and spiritual worlds. However, when a mortal person attains divine perfection, the subjective, impermanent nature of truth disappears forever and ever. Every where he is only the Truth reigns and it is with this kind of truth that builds and creates whatever he wishes both in this world and in the heavenly planes. Such a woman or man has become one with the Eternal Divine.

It is because mortal man is limited in his degree of comprehension of this Truth that he indulges in half-truths. This is why mortal man indulges in religious and racial discrimination and in many other acts that manifest in such things as war mongering, bloodshed, manufacturing and stockpiling of weapons of destruction, exploitation, drug addiction, sexism, sexual promiscuity, alcoholic drinking and many other things of like nature and hides the from others. When you mention these evils to him he gets perturbed, gets angry and wants to defend himself at any cost including murder. This is why men wage wars of bloodshed instead of waging wars against their personal minds. By killing others they think they have won the war. What earth dwellers do not seem to know is that the dead will wage another war at some future unknown date and time if not in the etheric realm then in another life-time on earth.

For this reason, the ongoing war in Iraq for example, may as well be either the Napoleonic or Alexander the Great or the Ottoman empire wars of the past now being re-staged from the ethers back again into the world of mortals. Revenge is the nomenclature here. And many men who seek revenge die before it is fulfilled and so, the natural forces bring them and their adversaries back into life to the same planet where the seeds of bloodshed and death were originally planted. This vicious cycle goes on and on, over and over until individuals involved thereof come to the realization of the need for forgiveness. This is a reference to a change in lifestyle and a rise both in mind and spirit consciousness.

War and bloodshed is one of the indicators of barbarism and the primitive state of human souls. Planets where the dwellers have evolved beyond wars and bloodshed possess a very higher level of consciousness. That is why wars and bloodshed are unknown to them.

In fact crude technology like the one we still have on earth is another of the indicators by which the degree of collective consciousness of a given evolutionary chain of souls is measured. Crude technology corresponds with the collective consciousness of the souls.

Whoever comes out of it never enlists in the military of any nation. He has become weary of wars and bloodshed. Such an individual has matured to the dynamics of the laws of nature and creation and has awakened to the reality of truth- The Truth that sets him free. Having thus awakened he seeks to guidance of a contemporary Divine Guardian and begins the inner journey that will bring him or her to the Dynamic Union with the Supreme Deity which sells everlasting joy and happiness and infinite freedom.

It is true that everything we see is apparently limited but it is a reality hat everything we see is also un-limited in essence and is infinitely present and ever changing within that ever expanding power of eternal LOVE and WISDOM.

This explains why any one of God’s children who comes to know of this Truth is supplied with un-limited resources: knowledge and wisdom; good physical health, riches, wealth and prosperity as well as a clean life free of blemishes such as fear of the unknown, fear of death and the resultant effects of decay. Regarding the material riches such money, material property and physical health, the “Self-Realized” or one who has attained the Infinite Truth, of his or her own volition choices are made. Knowing the ephemeral nature of these things, many God-Realized individuals choose not to possess much of them but some do. When they do, they are meant for the benefit of their colleagues and others of the human family. One sure point regarding material wealth is that Divine-Realized persons carry no baggage of blind attachment to these riches and wealth.

A story is often told of a Divine-Realized man who was approached by a prospective but n egotistical seeker of Truth. He thought that if he donated a big nugget of gold to the Living Saint he would earn an initiation from him and be accepted thereby as a devotee. The Divine-Realized man read from the seeker’s auric field, all what was going on in his mind. His ego was visible to him like an open book. When the seeker presented the gold nugget to the Living Saint who was seated by the banks of a river, the Saint hideously threw the gold nugget into the flowing, powerful river current.
“Oh! My gold!” the Saint exclaimed.
“What?” the seeker asked obviously alarmed. “What have you done?”
“I am sorry the golden nugget fell from my hands into the river,” the Saint responded, carefree as if nothing has happened.
“Tell me exactly where it fell and I will do everything to retrieve it,” the poor greedy man said.
“Right over there,” the Saint said, pointing to a spot in the river.

Immediately, the seeker jumped into the river and started looking for the golden nugget. He searched and searched but could not find it. His ordeal went on for a long time until he was tired. Emerging from the river, the Saint asked:
“Have you found it?
“Of course not, what were you thinking? You have made me loose a golden nugget my dear,” said the seeker.
“What is the value of a golden nugget? asked the Divine-Realized man. “Is it of greater value than your physical body?
“Of course, I think it is,” replied the greedy seeker. Smilingly, the Saint said:
“Very well my friend,” calmly said the Saint, “why don’t you drown that useless body into the river looking for something of greater value than that body- your gold nugget?

When the seeker saw him smile, he realized that he was wrong. It dawned upon him that his body was of greater value than all the gold there was in the world.
“My Lord!” he said, “I am so sorry for my behavior and reply. You are right. By comparison, gold is a useless substance… I came here thinking you would initiate me into the Path but was blindly attached to gold,” he submitted.
“You have one other challenge. You must overcome your ego. It is that ego that blindly clings to material riches; to golden nuggets.”
“What can I do to get rid of it, Wise Sage?”
“Give me three things: Your body, your mind and your riches and I will give more than everything you ever had in life.”
“The seeker prostrated before the Divine-Realized Being and surrendered his all, saying, “Here, take everything. It is all yours from now onwards. Do with it as you wish.”
The moment he said that, he saw something glittering in the river just where he had swum before in search of the golden nugget. He pointed to it saying, “There is the golden nugget.” The Saint responded, “Do you still want it?” The seeker answered: “It is all yours now. I have nothing but you my Lord.” At that moment, the Divine –Realized Saint lifted the seeker’s soul and carried it to spiritual heights, giving him the level of Self-Realization!
Upon returning to the body, the man was so ecstatic, a rich glittering countenance appeared all over his face; a calmness like he had never felt before had dawned upon him. The contentment he felt was incredible. He had just been transformed beyond his wildest dreams and imaginations.

Before one comes to that point of realization, one suffers almost unconsciously, the effects of the centrifugal force of God, in the sense that this centrifugal force carries him or her away and away from God, with the result that such a one further suffers from all kinds of limitations. One of the greatest such limitations, is academic educational brain or mental achievements. Another one is material wealth.

This is so because, unless one is spiritually sensitized, academic baggage is dangerous as it builds around its bearer, a wall of pride, vanity and ego. These form the strongest barrier between God, between the Eternal Truth and mortal man.

Whenever a person comes to the point of evolution as to have attained Self-realization, the centripetal force of God carries him or her closer and closer towards the Eternal Truth. Thereby setting him or her free and freer until finally such a one is really set free from all kinds of limitations. He who comes to this point is truly set free by the Truth!

From the moment one attains the level of self-realization, one begins to comprehend what it means that all ideas belong to God. Ideas have their origin form God and to ground them into tangible items or reality, without polluting them is the greatest asset one can ever achieve in human life. He, who has attained this understanding, becomes an open channel for God’s ideas although he may not personally have them grounded into tangible things, he keeps a record of them for those of God’s children who will find them and create beneficial things for others.

As a matter of fact, when one is an open channel to God’s Etheric Ideas and records them down or nurtures them in his mind or thoughts, they will always bounce back into the ethers where others who have the capacity to ground them, will find them and ground them. Generally those who are such open channels have no capacity to ground these ideas. They only serve as channels for the nurturing of God’s Ideas that will sooner or later benefit the majority. Hence the reasons why many people have ideas but few have the capacity to ground them.

In the process of grounding etheric ideas, these ideas are infused with the negative vibrations of the people who ground them, with the result that by the time they are grounded, made into tangible things, they have long been polluted. This is why we see many products around the world that are dangerous to human life and to other earth dwellers. Our technology is essentially polluted by our minds so much that the elements out of which it is crafted have themselves been polluted, immensely. This is why an etheric purification is an imminent project the world must take on. For, it is the major reason responsible for such challenges as global warming, general environmental pollution, murders, genocides, abortion, perverted sexual behavior, crime, racism and exploitation of the weak, to mention just a few.

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