So, what are you doing with your life? Would you say you are on track and living your dreams or are you struggling each day to make it through another day the best you can – without bringing out the best in yourself or others? Are you simply existing rather than living? Are you are a human “doing” rather than a human “being?”

If you feel as though your life is on track, then congratulations – you are truly on the road to success. If not, then what may be missing is not your desire or passion for success, but rather not having a dream and a commitment to a dream in the first place. Think about it for a moment. Nothing happens until someone comes up with an inspiration, an idea – a dream. In all cases, everything is created twice: once as a mental creation then as a physical creation.

To succeed, you first must have a dream, or a vision and you must completely commit yourself to the fulfillment of the dream. This is the essence of mental creation. Here’s the good news. You should dream big dreams. Believe in yourself and believe you are indeed worthy to have anything you want, to be anything you want to be, and to do anything you want to do.

On the surface this would seem selfish and self-indulgent. However, your dreams have been placed inside of you from a higher source. Honor and respect what you have been given and what you are essentially charged to do with your time on this earth.

Now for the commitment piece. Commitment means to lock-in to what you want and allow nothing to get in your way. When setbacks and obstacles happen (and they will) you need to reframe the circumstances until you see a solution and a path forward. Believe deep down in your soul, your gut, you are capable of seeing your dream realized.

Success in life does indeed depend on taking action. The catalyst for the action is your dream. Your commitment is the method from transitioning from the mental creation to the physical creation. At the end of the day, you will find yourself as a human “being” who and what you are capable of be “being.”

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