In the feel-good ledger of life, there are many emotional barometers in which you can measure success and while each may differ from person to person, there seems to be a common thread that binds them all to each other. The people who succeed are individuals, but they belong to a collective of human beings who have walked the walk and definitely can talk the talk. How can you measure success? Well, there isn’t a specific way, but from speaking to many people, you do find certain things that resonate with each other. This article, will try its best to make that measurement tangible, and hopefully something you can reach to and measure yourself up to, wherever you may be in your life in this day and age.

A feeling of completion. A feeling when the burn of ambition no longer singes the spirit. And not in a bad way. You start to look through life in a different kaleidoscope, a different light and you feel somewhat rested, mind body and soul and you feel like you have no need to prove yourself. Success is the measure of ambition and once both have reached their peak and there is no mountain to climb or ocean to traverse, the spirit relaxes and the mind slips into an almost meditative state of bliss. This is something that can be seen in the eyes of those who succeed, from their measured dialogue, their contented smile, the easy way that they choose to sit and how they treat others around them. There is no longer a need to size up competition and ruminate about life - it has given all it can and now is the time to waft with the waves to that final destination.

There are others who choose to measure success in terms of the material, in how much money they have made, how many acquisitions they have brought with them, the awards on their shelf, the badges pinned to their shirt. These are some of the ways that a population will measure their success with. The world as we know it will reward you in some way spiritual or material, and while the former might be noble, we cannot avoid that the human spirit will seek solace in the things they can touch and feel, the things that shine and have their named engraved upon. Even a pat on the back, a hand shake, an awards ceremony or an elegant letter - these are some things that life and our careers can reward us with.

Success comes in many forms and each person has a different way of how they have made their mark in life, in their careers and in the things that they treasure most to them. How they want to display it to the world and what feelings these measures of success give them. Look into your soul and you will know when you have hit the mark you may or may not have set yourself to achieve.

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